Bringing My Friends To School With Me

We just started the 4th quarter of the school year here at High Road School of Easton Elementary, we are in the home stretch now! To help incentive our students to remain diligent to complete work and remain safe at school, the team came up with Bring Your Friend To School Day! Any student that has been meeting their goals and completing work was allowed to bring their stuffed animal friends in from home. Each 'friend' was giving special perfume before entering that class to keep them safe from COVID. Learn more about our school today. [...]

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Rocking the Hybrid Model

We have started our school year still in a pandemic that has changed the way we do everything. From grocery shopping armed with Lysol Wipes and 6 foot distancing to the way we prepare for school at night, (Matching our face masks to our outfit for the next day.) What this pandemic has not changed is our drive and dedication to give our students the highest quality education possible under extremely difficult circumstances. There were no set of instructions for the first day of school this year, but so far we are doing this thing! All of our students, teachers, [...]

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Positive Impact

Ms. Heather is a third-year assistant teacher at our IDC in Talbot County and has been an integral part of our classroom. Ms. Heather has received a positive staff referral for her positive attitude, willingness to help out, and dedication to our students, staff and program. Ms. Heather is always willing to help out with any tasks in the classroom and goes above and beyond for our students. She comes into the classroom prepared every day with a positive attitude and works hard to maintain a therapeutic learning environment. Ms. Heather is a remarkable asset to our team. She [...]

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Kennard’s Positive Impact

Kennard has had such a positive impact on the staff and students here on the Eastern Shore. From working with Directors, Teachers, Social Workers, students and even parents – Kennard has helped us all with his insight and training. Kennard has also been jumping in with student zooms and being a supportive ear to parents. Kennard’s presence in the classroom to help problem solve and his energy on the field for the TACT2 training - it has been amazing working alongside Kennard. Kennard immediately felt like part of the team and shares the same passion that the other Eastern Shore [...]

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Learning about the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

In science, our 5th grade students have been learning about the Chesapeake Bay and wildlife around the Eastern Shore. One of the many topics covered was the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. A watershed is an enormous piece of land which drains fresh water to the Bay. Maryland is not the only state that makes up the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. States within the Chesapeake Bay watershed’s boundaries include New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia. Students learned that it takes all of these states working together to keep our Chesapeake Bay clean from pollution. Our students have also been [...]

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E’monte’s 100 Days On Blue

E'monte is our February student of the month! He has remained on blue level for 100 days! E'monte has done well in his general education classes and recently celebrated his 100 days on blue with a California Sushi Roll party. Emonte always comes to class prepared and ready to learn! Emonte is helpful around the class and takes pride in his class job. Learn more about our school today.

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Thomas is one of our 5th graders at Easton Elementary. We really like to push independent reading as well as reading out loud to our students on a daily basis. Thomas is reading Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli this week. We do this as our DEAR rotation which is Drop Everything And Read. It gives our students a chance to take a break from their regular rotations and get a little bit of "them" time reading about something they love or having a teacher read to them as well. Learn more about our school today. [...]


Flourishing Under Lacie’s Leadership

Lacie is a first year Teacher at Easton Elementary and has hit the ground running. Lacie has embraced the culture of High Road and her classroom runs smoothly with students engaged in fun hands on activities that promote learning. Lacie has a contagious positive attidutde that shines in the classroom. Lacie is one of the most dedicated and passionate educators I have ever met. I can’t believe she’s only been on the job for just over three months. She goes the extra mile to make sure she customizes and supports all academic programming as well as a personalized [...]

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Holiday Cheer

The Students here at Easton Elementary School are super excited to start Christmas vacation. This past week has been charades, games, Christmas activities, pictures with Frosty, a Christmas party, snowball head balancing with Ms. Connar, and Thomas's day 25 blue party today!!! Happy Holidays from Harley, E'monte, Thomas and the EES staff!!! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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