High Road School of Southern York Receives ‘School of Distinction’ Honor

The High Road School of Southern York was recently named a 2022 School of Distinction for excellence in education by Cognia, a global nonprofit school improvement organization. As part of the School of Distinction program, Cognia identifies pre-K–12 education institutions that exemplify excellence in education and service to learners. Cognia selected High Road School of Southern York as one of 96 K-12 schools out of more than 1,500 institutions worldwide that were eligible for the 2022 recognition. “We are proud to work with Cognia and even more proud that our curriculum, passionate staff, and classrooms stand out on the [...]

High Road School of Southern York Receives ‘School of Distinction’ Honor2023-03-08T12:20:28-05:00

Raiden’s Story: A 180-Degree Turn

Prior to attending one of the High Road Schools operated by Specialized Education Services, Inc. (SESI), Raiden experienced many difficulties in school. Along with academic issues, Raiden was dealing with unrelenting bullying that affected his emotional well-being and behavior. “Daily life was a struggle,” said Raiden’s mom, Rachel, recalling Raiden’s morning temper tantrums and afternoon meltdowns about his day. Rachel hoped for any positive change or development when she enrolled Raiden at High Road School of Southern York. What she witnessed far exceeded her expectations. “Where do I even start?” Rachel said. “[High Road School’s] intervention has been an amazing change [...]

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Community-Based Learning: Grocery Shopping

Because learning doesn't only happen within the four walls of the school, High Road School of Southern York is committed to providing community-based instruction opportunities to our students of transition age. Our students had the opportunity to put their hard work and learning into action as they shopped for ingredients needed to make their own lunches. Students planned the meal, made the grocery list, budgeted, shopped and prepared their meals. The results were tasty!

Community-Based Learning: Grocery Shopping2021-03-11T17:21:49-05:00

Meet Miles!

High Road School of Southern York had a very special visitor, Miles, a Siberian Husky and his handler! Students had the opportunity to meet Miles one on one and spend time asking questions, petting, reading and enjoying his company! We are excited to be able to offer this experience to our students on a regular basis. We can't wait for Miles to visit again!

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The Corner Cafe

High Road School of Southern York is proud to announce the grand opening of The Corner Cafe! Transition students in grades 9-12 have the opportunity to participate in the employment process from application to paycheck! Students learn job readiness skills in the classroom then apply them in this simulated real-world setting. Employees of the Cafe receive a "paycheck" and learn about money management, budgeting and real-life expenses! This steppingstone allows students to experience the workforce in a safe and supportive environment as they prepare for outside employment. Learn more about our school today.

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