Where Are They Now: Lazarus

Lazarus K. was a student of High Road for three years. Last school year, he was able to transition out and start attending his home high school. When Lazarus first came to High Road, he had difficulty staying on task, monitoring his behavior, and respecting others. It wasn't until his final year at High Road where Lazarus was able to put all the pieces together and do what it took to go to his home high school. The Transition Coordinator met with Lazarus and asked him what he took out of the High Road Experience: "I used to hate it [...]

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iReady Superstar: Marques

Marques C. is our "iReady Superstar of the month! Marques joined the High Road family early last month and hit the ground running taking over the crown. Over the last month, Marques has led the school with Lesson Time on Task, as well as Lessons Passed and completed in the iReady system. We are so proud of Marques for coming in and doing a great job. He's setting the bar high to his peers that he's the superstar around these parts!! Learn more about our school today.

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Holiday Cheer

Southern Maryland is getting into the holiday spirit! Ms. Barnes has gathered up with Mrs. Clause and made our LaPlata school a mini winter wonderland. Students helped with Ms. Barnes direction to put up decorations around the building, set up and trim the Christmas tree, make and decorate stockings for each student, and finally, wrap presents to go underneath the tree. Due to the students efforts and Ms. Barnes vision, everyone in the building has gotten into the holiday spirit and made school a special place. Learn more about our school today. [...]

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Thank You Ms. Curtis

Ms. Curtis was chosen by Mr. Daniels to be the Staff Member of the Month! Ms. Curtis is well-deserving of the award and we are so thankful for all of her tireless hard work and dedication. Ms. Curtis' students have lead the entire school in lessons passed in "iReady" percentages. She has worked tirelessly to develop personalized lesson plans, detailed IEP reports, and creative ways to get student to learn. Learn more about High Road School today!

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Nalani’s Progress and Achievements

Through her efforts, Nalani has elevated herself to one of the most mature young ladies in the building. She is a constant help in passing out lunch and breakfast, working with the school's admin to file papers and decorate the school, and cleans up after school events. Nalani was rewarded with Student of the Month by our director Mr. Daniels for her excellent behavior and ongoing attention to her classwork. Every day, Nalani works to improve her attitude toward her peers, as well as working even harder to gain trust from the staff. Nalani is so proud of [...]

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Blowing Away The Competition

Branden has blown away the rest of his peers when it comes to his i-Ready results. Branden leads the school not only in login time, but also in lessons passed. Every day, Branden does not have to be reminded to get on his i-Ready and is usually the first one on the computer. Since the beginning of the school year, Branden has improved two grade levels in his reading and one level in his math. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Spirit Week 2019

Staff and students both participated in the school's spirit week. The most popular days seem to be "Pink Day" and Jersey Day. The High Road guys showed that real men can wear pink as we had more males in the building wear pink than females. Ms. Barnes did a wonderful job selecting different days that all the students could participate in. Our students were not only excited to dress up for spirit week, but to see how everyone else would dress up as well. Visit our website to learn more about High Road [...]

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Student of the Month: Jeremiah

What has Jeremiah accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Jeremiah has earned and maintained his status in the level system all the way to GOLD. He has been on gold level for a couple of weeks and has been a constant example for his peers. Jeremiah has stayed out of trouble around him and has been a stellar student in the classroom. Here are some words from his teacher Ms. Barnes: “Since he started in my class, Jeremiah has been on a one track mind to do whatever he has to in [...]

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Staff of the Month: Ms. Barnes

What impact has Ms. Barnes had on colleagues and students over the past month? Ms. Barnes has been an amazing asset to not only the staff and administration, but she has had a big impact on the students in the building. Ms. Barnes does so many activities with the students that are on level. For example, they have customized t-shirts, hung decorations around the building, created portraits to be hung around the building, and several other projects. She also is first to volunteer to take the students on Fun Fridays. Whenever there is a special day around, [...]

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