iReady Superstar: Marques

Marques C. is our "iReady Superstar of the month! Marques joined the High Road family early last month and hit the ground running taking over the crown. Over the last month, Marques has led the school with Lesson Time on Task, as well as Lessons Passed and completed in the iReady system. We are so proud of Marques for coming in and doing a great job. He's setting the bar high to his peers that he's the superstar around these parts!! Learn more about our school today.

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Nalani’s Progress and Achievements

Through her efforts, Nalani has elevated herself to one of the most mature young ladies in the building. She is a constant help in passing out lunch and breakfast, working with the school's admin to file papers and decorate the school, and cleans up after school events. Nalani was rewarded with Student of the Month by our director Mr. Daniels for her excellent behavior and ongoing attention to her classwork. Every day, Nalani works to improve her attitude toward her peers, as well as working even harder to gain trust from the staff. Nalani is so proud of [...]

Nalani’s Progress and Achievements2022-01-18T00:28:43-05:00

Student of the Month: Jeremiah

What has Jeremiah accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Jeremiah has earned and maintained his status in the level system all the way to GOLD. He has been on gold level for a couple of weeks and has been a constant example for his peers. Jeremiah has stayed out of trouble around him and has been a stellar student in the classroom. Here are some words from his teacher Ms. Barnes: “Since he started in my class, Jeremiah has been on a one track mind to do whatever he has to in [...]

Student of the Month: Jeremiah2022-01-18T00:35:24-05:00