Congratulations Jayden!

High Road School of York senior, Jayden, walked the stage at his home district Central York School District. The Norseman family is very proud of his accomplishment. He is an inspiration to the rest of the student body at High Road School of York. Learn more about our school today.

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Zeke Is A Leader

Ezekiel Rose (Zeke) has been a High Road School of York student since last March. Throughout his time with us, Zeke has worked extremely hard and has earned our highest rank of Norseman. His favorite sport is football and he roots for the Baltimore Ravens. His favorite food is pizza....with bacon. Zeke's favorite subject is Math and his favorite teacher is Miss Danielle. Zeke said that he has learned to be a leader and would like other students to know that hard work pays off. Zeke said his favorite part of High Road School of York is our Fun Friday [...]

Zeke Is A Leader2022-01-18T00:34:20-05:00