Learning Place Values and Decimals

Students in Ms. L's class learned about place value and decimals. They guessed the price of their favorite products. They would display their price prediction, and Ms. L would ask a few questions regarding what numbers were in what place value. Students enjoyed the hands on activity!

Learning Place Values and Decimals2021-04-28T19:41:27-04:00

All About Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd. It is a day to celebrate the environment. In 1970, a man named Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. Senator, noticed that people were not taking good care of the Earth, so he decided something needed to be done! On April 22, 1970, Gaylord and 20 million people protested against the poor treatment of the Earth. Many people listened to these protests and decided to care for the environment. Every year, we celebrate Earth Day to remember that we need to protect the Earth. [...]

All About Earth Day2021-05-20T11:31:06-04:00

Discovering Owl Pellets

Students in Ms. Lefebvre's Class enjoyed a hands-on activity to wrap up their unit of Animals Adaptations. They explored and dissected owl pellets. Students were able to identify what types of bones an animals the owls ate to survive.

Discovering Owl Pellets2021-04-26T14:14:04-04:00

Learning To Count Change

Students were practicing with our play money on learning the skill of how to count change back to a customer. This was a hands-on lesson that was a lot of fun and the class seemed to catch on quickly. Handling money is a vital life skill that all students will need to be proficient in before entering the workforce.

Learning To Count Change2021-04-22T19:53:10-04:00

Learning The Value Of Money

Students at High Road School of New London learned how to count return change! They also learned to recognize different coins and their value, keywords such as earnings, savings, and spending, and they learned to understand where money comes from and why it's a necessary part of our everyday lives.

Learning The Value Of Money2021-04-28T19:50:34-04:00

Virtual Career Fair

The first High Roads School Virtual Career Fair with the Connecticut Schools was amazing! Presenters from all career fields were in attendance. The students got to engage and ask questions and also learn more about traditional and non-traditional occupations in the workforce. This was a very successful event and it was great to see how much our students learned.

Virtual Career Fair2021-04-28T19:23:16-04:00

Ms. Yezi Is A Team Player

Ms. Yezi has been a very key player in the classroom and outside of the classroom. The students respect her and are always seeking her out for assistance with any subject. Staff members at our program have stated that Ms. Yezi is a team player, dependable and very knowledgeable in her role. Ms. Yezi has been an all-around go-to person and can be found bouncing from being a one to one, TA, and a Substitute Teacher if needed. She has a very strong background working with all types of students and has a great way of approaching students in every [...]

Ms. Yezi Is A Team Player2022-01-18T00:28:18-05:00

Manny’s Accomplishments

Manny has been able to stay true to himself since he stepped foot into our school. He gets along with everyone no matter what grade or age. Manny works really hard inside of the classroom to stay focused on his academics. He has no problem being a leader to some of his younger peers. Manny really has a great spirit and seems to really enjoy being at school each day. Manny has accomplished working through some bumps in the road but always seems to find his way back to the top in no time. He has strength and endurance and [...]

Manny’s Accomplishments2022-01-18T00:34:16-05:00

Congrats Ronde

Ronde has shown an improvement in his grades and just participating in the classroom. He seems to be more enthusiastic about just being at school and in the classroom in general. He really responds to incentives no matter if they are big or small. The staff also has noticed that positive praise goes a long way also and helps him to feel confident. He's accomplished making it to green level and being able to show up to school on time within the last month! The biggest accomplishment for Ronde is earning his one day class back at his district school. [...]

Congrats Ronde2022-01-18T00:34:20-05:00

Calm, Cool and Collective Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones is the calm, cool and collective one. He has a great way of communicating with staff and students. He is the staff that can be called to verbally deescalate any student. He is considered a veteran staff and he definitely shows that he has the skills to make it for the long haul. Mr. Jones was chosen because he is the best person to talk to, is very understanding, and really is a team player. Mr. Jones started out working with the elementary students and was moved to the high school last year. He has adapted to [...]

Calm, Cool and Collective Mr. Jones2022-01-18T00:34:51-05:00