Manny’s Accomplishments

Manny has been able to stay true to himself since he stepped foot into our school. He gets along with everyone no matter what grade or age. Manny works really hard inside of the classroom to stay focused on his academics. He has no problem being a leader to some of his younger peers. Manny really has a great spirit and seems to really enjoy being at school each day. Manny has accomplished working through some bumps in the road but always seems to find his way back to the top in no time. He has strength and endurance and [...]

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Congrats Ronde

Ronde has shown an improvement in his grades and just participating in the classroom. He seems to be more enthusiastic about just being at school and in the classroom in general. He really responds to incentives no matter if they are big or small. The staff also has noticed that positive praise goes a long way also and helps him to feel confident. He's accomplished making it to green level and being able to show up to school on time within the last month! The biggest accomplishment for Ronde is earning his one day class back at his district school. [...]

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How Will Avoids Negativity

Will has shown such maturity over the last few months. He is the one student that has really learned to take his weaknesses and turned them into strengths. He is open to feed back and is taking the next steps to set up for his future after High Roads. Will stays to himself inside and outside of the classroom. He doesn't get mixed up in negativity and really just keeps a positive attitude at all times. Will is really working on reaching his goal of graduating and it definitely shows because his attendance speaks for itself! Will has been one [...]

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