Staff Of The Month: Ms. Bellemare

This month were happy to announce our staff of the month, our social worker Ms. Bellemare. Ms. B is always thinking of our kids and staff. In the month of January, she brought in little mail boxes with the kids names on them and it brought a little more excitement to our students days. They came into the building eager to find some hearts and in return received candies. We are happy to have her apart of our team! “Ms. B is always a team player! She is always goes above and beyond for each student. She is willing to [...]

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Student Of The Month: Zy’Aire

For the month of January, we are proud to announce our student of the month Zy’Aire from classroom 2. His teacher Ms. Colleen says, “Z is a fabulous student with great motivation to succeed. He brings a fun, yet hard working attitude to school every day and continues to be a role model for other students in his classroom.” Zy’Aire has been very engaged and helpful on his Zoom sessions with his peers. Zy’Aire is always willing to lend a helping hand for both staff and students, both on Zoom and in our classroom. His Teacher Assistant, Ms. Willoughby said, [...]

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New Year, New Technology

This year we're excited to introduce our new Think Pads. Our High Road School at Fairfield County high school students were the first to get use of them. Our students use the think pads for their science and social studies units. It is a great way to switch up their academic binders. It gives the students an opportunity to incorporate technology into their school life. Students use different academic programs while utilizing the Think Pads like APEX, iReady, HMH, and HRW Learning. Our students are learning how to navigate these new Think Pads and get a [...]

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Circle Time

In classroom one, High Road School at Fairfield County students were given the opportunity to read to the class. Ms. Colleen made our social studies unit about families. This was a great opportunity to have one of our students, Adrianna read a story about families to the classroom. Adrianna was so happy to lead circle time, she took her book and began reading out loud to the class. Our 1:1 Mr. C stated, “I enjoy reading out loud in the classroom because they give kids the opportunity to spark their imagination.” Our teacher Ms. Colleen even stated, “I feel it’s [...]

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Hearts Of Kindness

In the month of January, our social worker Ms. B came up with a great activity for our students and staff. She got mini hearts that she hid around the school building. These hearts may be on student’s desks, in their pencil cases or may even be taped to a wall. It is an activity that will be going on till the end of February and for every heart that students or staff find they will receive a piece of candy. Students are very excited to hear this news! Our student, Adrianna from classroom one says, “It will help me [...]

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Activity For Kindness

While we entered into virtual school for two weeks, Even though it was a new and sometimes tough experience for staff and students, we got through the two weeks as a team and ended it with a World Kindness Day activity. Our school’s education director, Miss. Lindsey led several activities during this week. The students loved the idea of this, and everyone took part! We started our Zoom dressed in fun bright colors and were able to talk about kindness. Ms. Lindsey read a book called “Kindness is My Superpower” to all who signed on. At the end of the book, [...]

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Everyone’s Excited For Our Science Fair

Ms. Colleen got us all ready for our big day. October 28th 2020 our kids were eagerly waiting for. Our elementary class has used their science time to build houses for our class pet Squirmle. They’ve learned what it means to be an engineer; solving problems and creating solutions to those problems. They have been getting ready by studying flashcards and trying to remember what to say on our big day. Ms. Colleen even let our class decorate the school to make sure everyone knew when it was and what we were doing. One of our students stated “my favorite [...]

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