School Spirit with Tie Dye

Tie dye is making a major comeback on the fashion scene. To keep with the trend, our social worker Ms. Ileana - head of the fashion department -  helped us create our very own tie-dyed High Road School shirts. Even our building administrators and the principal at Caroline Career Technology Center received her own custom-made shirt made by High Road School student Jeffery. Students were excited to show their High Road School Spirit! Learn more about our school today.

School Spirit with Tie Dye2021-04-13T17:34:58-04:00

Spreading Kindness Like Confetti!

Staff and students at the High Road program in North Caroline High School and Caroline Innovative Pathways got some kindness thrown their way! High Road School social worker, Ms. Ileana, helped students understand the meaning of kindness and giving. Ms. Ileana and students took to the classroom to hand out some yummy donuts and some bright smiles (under the masks of course). Students were excited to receive the treat and also loved spreading kindness like confetti! Learn more about our school today.

Spreading Kindness Like Confetti!2021-04-26T19:44:06-04:00

A Flower Bouquet For Ms. Ileana

Students at the High Road Program at Denton Elementary School showed their appreciation for Ms. Ileana during Social Worker Appreciation Month. The students made spring tissue paper flowers with their thumb print in the middle and arranged them into a bouquet. Each student also wrote about what they enjoyed working on with Ms. Ileana and let her know that we are so "lucky" to have her at our school. Ms. Ileana is so deserving of this recognition and we appreciate all of her hard work and dedication to our students! Learn more about [...]

A Flower Bouquet For Ms. Ileana2021-04-28T21:51:05-04:00

Sports Day!

Spring has sprung and with warmer weather making its way in, both staff and students couldn’t wait to get out and start moving! An NCHS football coach came down to the High Road classroom to talk to our students about what it takes to join the team next year. This information keeps our students motivated to keep their grades up throughout the end of the semester. Staff and students have been getting fit and active with some basketball drills and practicing their jump rope skills. Students are learning new skills both in [...]

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Hybrid Model Isn’t Slowing Us Down!

With more and more students in the North Caroline High School building it has been exciting to see all the different parts of the day. Mrs. Shontia and Mr. Mike working with in-person students and Ms. Z modifying assignments for our virtual students. Mr. Mike and Jefferey putting their strength to the test in PE class, who do you think lasted longer in this plank challenge? It’s always great to have a helping hand from our Directors. Mrs. Bec stopped by North Caroline High School to help with Math prep work, thanks [...]

Hybrid Model Isn’t Slowing Us Down!2021-04-28T21:41:36-04:00

Scoring Big In Math

Need ideas for getting your middle school students excited for math class? Ask our High Road School at Lockerman Middle School lead teacher, Joey! Mr. Joey's math lessons have been a fun way for students to learn and practice solving equations. Check out this picture recently captured during one of Mr. Joey's "Solve That Equation!" math lesson! In the photo, you can see Mr. Joey leading "Solve That Equation!" with our engaged High Road 8th graders at Lockerman Middle School. In short, students solve equations independently to score points and then shoot a ball into a basket or try [...]

Scoring Big In Math2021-04-29T13:40:13-04:00

Nathan’s Day 50 Blue Party!

On March 9, 2021, High Road at Denton Elementary School had the opportunity to celebrate one of our students' big accomplishments. Nathan is one of our 4th graders who earned 50 days on Blue Level and a Day 50 Blue party! Earning 50 days on Blue is a huge accomplishment and we are beyond proud of Nathan for reaching this milestone of success. Nathan was very excited to reach 50 days on Blue and he was very happy to share his success with his class- he even wore a blue shirt on his special day! Our class was excited [...]

Nathan’s Day 50 Blue Party!2021-04-28T21:18:24-04:00

Expanding Our Knowledge And Our Classroom

Mmmmm! Do you smell that? It smells like the hot chocolate is ready! Grab a cup and your fuzzy boots as we head into High Road School at Denton on a cold February morning. In class, our students have been creating robins during group project time hoping for spring to come early. In the meantime, our fifth graders are learning about the history of Jackie Robinson and other activists that fought for freedom like Ida B. Wells, which is timely since this is Black History awareness month. Take a close look because you didn’t read [...]

Expanding Our Knowledge And Our Classroom2021-04-29T01:01:01-04:00

Jeff’s a Rockstar

Jeff, always been a rock star! However, within the past month, he has set up and has been the driving force behind LMS. He takes on responsibilities outside of the normal role and has an awesome impact on the students he works with. He is able to effectively handle co-teaching virtual students as well as in person students. Jeffs ability to use therapeutic approach and diffuse situations helps the success of the program. He is the epitome of what High Road expects from their staff. Jeff has stepped up to the plate this month to help carry LMS team. He [...]

Jeff’s a Rockstar2022-01-18T00:27:14-05:00

Mastering Hybrid Learning

The North Caroline High Team have the hybrid learning mastered! Staff and students are navigating the way through helping students who are learning at home and students who are able to safely be in the building. Mrs. Shontia and Dazzavaion are working hard together on some assignments to wrap up the end of the quarter. Isaiah and Ms. Z are working on a biology assignment. The lesson includes an interactive game on Jamboard, which allows them both to move items around together. Lessons like this keep learning engaging for students who are still working from [...]

Mastering Hybrid Learning2021-03-01T20:47:43-05:00