Andrew’s Impressive Progress

We are all very proud of Andrew. Andrew has progressed in reading and has read an entire paragraph! He mastered single digit addition without a number line or manipulatives and is asking for harder problems! Andrew's teacher, Ms. Beirne, says he is learning to swim! He even practices his strokes during his "free swim" time (playtime). He is engaging with other students and using positive self-talk to keep himself calm during chaotic times. He is asking for breaks. Even when something is new and hard, he initially gets frustrated, but sticks with it! Andrew used to think that Ms. April's [...]

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Aaron has worked hard to overcome behavioral, academic, and personal barriers. He is very insightful regarding students and adults and is someone who is respectful even when he is in situations that might cause him to be angry. Overal, Aaron is caring and respectful. He is a good artist and takes Graphic Arts at Bloomington Area Vocational Center. He has a positive, winning attitude. We are excited for him to be making a full transition back to Bloomington High School soon! Learn more about High Road School today!


Student Spotlight: Raven

What has been one of the happiest times of your life? When I went to Disneyland. What do you like to do for fun? Drawing, horseback riding, playing with animals. What has been one of the proudest moments of your life? Getting out of the group home. Passing driver's ed What is your favorite food? Hot fries and lobster tail What is your favorite subject in school? Math What is the name of your favorite book? The Dragon Whisperer If you could have one wish, what would it be? That my mom will always be happy and [...]

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