Braeden’s Behavioral Breakthrough

When Braeden arrived at the High Road School of Anne Arundel County as a kindergartener in 2014, the staff knew it had a challenge ahead. Braeden, who is on the autism spectrum, immediately demonstrated self-injurious behaviors, tantrums, aggression toward others, and destruction of property. This behavior obviously had a major impact on Braeden’s family, to the point where it became “hard to eat and hard to socialize,” according to Braeden’s mother, Brittani. His communication skills were extremely limited, and if anything was out of place, he would melt down. Everyone knew something had to change. Trial and Error  The first [...]

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Autism Parent Workshop

April is Autism Awareness Month, and it's always a meaningful time for us as we strive every day to provide our students with autism a safe, loving, and nurturing learning environment. This month we will host a FREE workshop for parents who have children with autism. We hope you can join us in this upcoming workshop! Learn more about our school today.

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Thanksgiving Community Care Packages

Our families were invited to come to the school for a contactless pickup of a Thanksgiving Meal care package of donations from staff. Each care package included stuffing, veggies, desserts, apple cider, and of course a 15-pound Butterball Turkey made available by Safeway Food Mark in Severna Park at a steep discount. Many turkeys were unavailable for bulk order due to shortages, so this was a major asset to the success of the event! The non-public office of Anne Arundel County Schools partnered by donating bookbags filled with sensory items, crafts, and school supplies. Families were very happy to get [...]

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Brye’Ann’s Flexibility And Eagerness

Brye'Ann has been a key part to helping our upper elementary program adapt to changing staff and classroom changes. Brye'Ann is currently helping to lead a classroom in a co-teaching format with Mr. Chase and Ms. Skylar. This flexibility and eagerness to take on new responsibilities has enabled the program to provide the highest level of academic and behavioral supports to our students. Brye'Ann was selected this month by staff for her flexibility and willingness to provide a helping hand in any situations that may arise. Bry'Ann is a great team player and brings a warming positivity to the [...]

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Carter’s Biggest Enjoyment

Carter has been applying learned coping skills and behavior strategies to make good decisions and remain in class due to avoiding negative consequences. As a result, Carter has remained on our higher behavioral levels and been able to participate and earn school-wide incentives. Carter's biggest enjoyment is helping staff and supporting his classroom. Carter advocated with school staff that he desired to help decorate and prepare the school for our annual winter holiday party and flea market event. Through good behaviors and academics successes, Carter was able to assist staff in preparations which he deeply enjoyed and took great [...]

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Bobby’s Perfect Attendance

Bobby has been an exemplary student at our High Road School of Anne Arundel County program since entering. Bobby has maintained a Perfect Attendance record since the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, has maintained our highest behavioral level of Blue, and has shown consistent growth each month on his I-Ready Math and Reading growth. Bobby was picked as student of the month due to his exemplary attendance to the program, active engagement and participation in all facets of his education throughout the school day, and his ability to model the highest expectation of behaviors to his peers. [...]

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The Valuable Matt Bayne

Matt was hired to be our maintenance tech. He has skills in many trades which makes him a valuable aspect to our school and others to fix and prevent future issues. Other than our school in Belcamp, Matt also works at two others, Baltimore and Anne Arundel. Although, he does not directly with the students, Matt is another friendly face for our students to see each day they are here. Matt has been a great addition to our team! Matt always carries himself with an upbeat, positive attitude that adds to the culture of our program. He is [...]

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Rod’s Profound Impact On Our Staff

Rod is a super flexible staff member who offers his assistance and expertise in a variety of scenarios and environments throughout the school day, from covering a class and running a lesson to helping assist with transportation duties. Students look up to Rod as a strong role model and staff also look to him for advice and assistance due to time within the Special Education Services Inc. team. Rod was nominated for his dedication to the program and our model, as well as his willingness to always step up and assist or take a lead role in difficult [...]

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Staff of the Month: Erin

What impact has Erin had on colleagues and students over the past month? Erin has been an amazing resource to the staff of High Road School since taking on her new role this school year! Erin new role has allowed her to provide instruction support to our staff by administering diagnostic testing, supporting staff with the development of IEPs goals and objectives, and facilitating other academic functions such as lesson planning, grading and classroom management. Since taking on her new role as an Instruction Support Staff, Erin has been pivotal in providing successful academic intervention for staff [...]

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Student of the Month: Sammy

What has Sammy accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Samuel "Sammy" Ojo was selected as our October Student of the Month for his continued successes in our program, specifically as a student in our B.E.S.T Classroom. Sammy has maintained our highest behavioral level of Blue throughout October. Also, Sammy has perfect attendance throughout the 2019-2020 school year! Sammy enjoys class but loves his art elective most. "Sammy is an amazing student to have in class. Sammy works great in class though his rotations and loves to work with his peers and share his [...]

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