Unlocking Potential: Adrian’s Story

Adrian’s mother, Tikeya, recounts the struggle prior to his enrollment at High Road Schools – being called at work to pick up her son, navigating medications, and experiencing challenging behaviors. After witnessing the dedication of High Road staff – and their ability to unlock her son’s potential – she says, “I can’t say enough good things about High Road!” “I can’t say enough good things about High Road!” – Tikeya Wheeler, Adrian’s mother The staff at all High Road Schools are genuinely interested in helping students achieve success and enjoy rewarding futures. “Just getting to know the student is [...]

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Student Efforts are Admirable

The student efforts have been admirable to say the least. Several students are deserving of the title of student of the month, so we chose one from each class in April 2021. Ms. Brooke's Class: Myles Bycoffe had perfect virtual attendance all month and was a pleasure in classes. He shared his thoughts and feelings in class and group discussion and even showed us his hidden talent as a puppeteer and story writer in the recent school wide talent show. Myles's smile lights up the Zoom room every day! Ms. Tori's Class: Kazia Evans [...]

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Anthony Has Done A Great Job

Anthony has done a great job during the last month of school. Anthony has continued attending school consistently and has stayed on the level. Anthony works hard in the classroom and does especially well with his English tutorial, as he is an awesome reader! In addition to achieving academically, Anthony is a helpful student to have in the classroom. Not only does Anthony offer to help the staff, but he also enjoys helping other students! Ms. Kim reported that Anthony has shown excitement about his post-secondary goals including attending Harford Community College. Also, Ms. Kim mentioned that Anthony is always [...]

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From Red To Blue With Tommy

For the month of December our staff elected Tommy as the Student of the Month. When Tommy first came to our school last April, he often came in to sleep and did not talk to anyone. His attendance was also very low last school year. At the start of the 2019-2020 school year, we saw some of the same behavior continue. However, at the end of November and during December, Tommy began to stay awake and do all his work. Tommy went all the way from red level to blue level. He went on our Blue Level Aikido [...]

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Mr. Chris’ Unprecedented Dedication

The 2019-2020 school year marks the third year for Mr. Chris in the role of transition coordinator for the Harford County Program. Along with transitions, Mr. Chris teaches life skills classes and heads up the Culinary Arts Program. Chris was nominated for October Staff off the month because of unprecedented dedication and passion that he brings to our program day in and day out.Mr. Chris had a big month of providing opportunities for our high school students, on and off campus. Juniors and seniors were given a tour and information session at Harford Community College. They also attended [...]

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Spelling Bee

S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G B-E-E! November 1st marked our schools first Spelling Bee Competition. Leading up to the event our teacher assistant, Mrs. Ashley, went from class to class in search of two competitors to represent their homeroom. Each student was given an academic appropriate word to spell to make it to the finals. The day of the event we had 8 competitors (two were absent) to represent their class. Parents of the competitors were able to come to watch their students compete for the champion title. The student who did not participate cheered on their representative win or lose! By the end [...]

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