Michael Cardin Scholarship Winners and Staff Shoutout

We're so excited that some of our students were re-awarded the Michael Cardin Scholarship! Some of our staff members are also recognized on page 10- we are so proud of them! Check out the bi-annual newsletter from MANSEF,  the Maryland Association for our Non-Public Schools to read more. Learn more about our school today.

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Ms. Booze’s Achievements

Ms. Booze has made herself available for all staff and students. She has assisted and organized the basketball team, heads the transportation department, and is an overall positive school culture representative. She is also helpful and friendly with colleagues and provides assistance to students in crisis. Ms. Booze is also developing her leadership skills by sitting in on intake meetings and interview panel providing a good description to potential candidates for the assistant teacher position. Ms. Booze is a high achiever and demonstrates dedication to her job. She is very helpful around the school and very dependable when getting the [...]

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Where Are They Now?

Class of 2018 graduate Jordan Greene is currently a student at Prince George's County Community College majoring in Psychology with aspirations to open his own counseling office specializing in Family Counseling. In addition to being a full-time student, Jordan also has a part-time job at Ledo's Pizza but is currently interviewing for other positions in the event planning field. When asked how High Road Academy prepared him to meet his post-secondary goals, he stated that all the work with the transition department helped him to become more confident when interviewing for potential jobs and meeting with professors. He also [...]

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HRA’s First Semester Honor Roll Assembly

High Road Academy of PG County hosted its first of two bi-annual Honor Roll Assembly. The awards ceremony was catered to honoring the student’s success from Quarter 1 and Quarter 2. Students were honored for a variety of things such as perfect attendance, honor roll, most improved, and more. Students were called up one by one based on certain achievements. A student mentioned that they are happy with their academic success and proud of the direction they are going in. Keep up the good work, young scholars! Learn more about our school today. [...]

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High Road Academy’s Jump-A-Thon

Ms. Booze, the physical education teacher, directed a jump rope contest for the students to partake in. Each student wanted to reach a certain goal. Ms. Booze's purpose for this contest was to motivate students to challenge themselves and gain endurance. There were more than 20 participants, however, they were 6 winners. From top left to right pictured is Amirah Atkinson, Brittany Jones, and Kay’la Randolph. From bottom left to right pictured is Darius Smith, Dayshawn Knight, and Nia Lattimore. The staff was encouraged to jump as well. Congratulations to the winners and participants for participating! There will be [...]

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Ryan’s Love of Science

Ryan F. is a 5th grade student, new to High Road Academy. Ryan has worked hard so far this school year. Ryan is a gold student who loves his teachers and peers. His favorite subject is science. He stated that he loves completing experiments with Ms. Booze. The teaching team stated that he is a joy in the classroom and is always willing to help anyone and everyone. Keep up the good work! Learn more about our school today.

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Ms. Whitehead Goes Above And Beyond

Ms. Whitehead has gone above and beyond her duties and made sure that students were academically tested for annual review meetings. She has consistently been caught engaged in hands-on projects with her classes. Ms. Whitehead upholds the duties and responsibilities of her job title. Ms. Whitehead has demonstrated teamwork qualities. She has consistently provided the model of academic rotations and engagement during the academic tasks with her students. She takes on leadership tasks in the school such as but not limited to Senior Advisor and Coordinator. She helps run the “Snack Market” and provides oversight to the “In school transition [...]

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Julia Does Not Give Up

Over the past month, Julia has demonstrated an optimistic approach to everything she does. She is kind, helpful and respectful towards staff and peers. Julia does not give up and works hard towards her goals. The teaching team stated that Julia is a phenomenal, respectful, young lady. Julia is a great student who is friendly towards her peers and volunteers to help others. When Julia comes to class, she is ready to start her assignments and work hard to accomplish good grades. Thus far this school year, Julia has said she is proud of her academic growth and participation in [...]

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Fun in Chemistry!

On January 16, 2020, Ms. Mullings class completed a science experiment on observing a candle. Students were required to observe a candle flame and perform tests to interpret the observations and results of testing. Students made observations of where the flame appears to be on the candle. The procedure consisted of testing different colors of flames of each candle. Learn more about our school today.

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Flag Football Flies Above Competition!

This year, High Road Lanham Lions Flag team was one for the ages. This team was built with a mixture of talented middle and high schoolers. These young men worked well together quickly. After winning the first game (42-0), the team faced many challenges in the second game but still won 21-14. The Lanham Lions were undefeated this season. These boys grew close not only on the field but also in school. Great Job Lions! Learn more about our school today.

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