Student of the Month – Matthew

What has this student done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Matthew was selected for student of the month for the month of February. He worked incredibly hard to reach Blue level this month, finally making it to Blue at the end of the month! He attained Blue level by staying focused on himself and never giving up. He has motivated peers to do the same, always giving out high fives and fist bumps. Provide feedback from a teacher or staff member on why this student is Student of the Month This past month Matthew [...]

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We’re Proud of Karon

Karon was selected for the student of the month for January. Karon has worked extremely hard this school year and has maintained Blue level consistently. He has shown personal growth and resiliency in his ability to recover from setbacks and keep a positive attitude. He has also helped to spread 'positive vibes' to his classmates and teachers. "Karon’s teacher is so proud of his hard work, especially in reading! He has made so much progress this school year and takes so much pride in his work. He acts as a leader to younger students and consistently shows them compassion and [...]

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Small Problems Are No Problems

Jaden was selected for the student of the month! Jaden reached Gold level at the beginning of this month and has demonstrated personal growth, both academically and behaviorally. Jaden’s motivation to succeed is admirable and contagious. His peers are so happy for him and couldn’t wait to congratulate him on reaching Gold level! He has worked extremely hard and is constantly working on keeping a positive attitude. Jaden’s motto that helps him to stay positive is “small problems are no problems.” Jaden asked his teacher, social worker, and two teaching assistants to write Gold recommendations on his behalf. Jaden’s [...]

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Jumping Right In With Mr. Core

Mr. Core joined the High Road team in September and didn't hesitate to jump right in and learn. He embraced the school model and the company's CORE 4 values. Eager to learn and ask questions, acknowledge his mistakes, and investing in each students' success, Mr. Core has shown us his humility, transparency, accountability, and decisiveness! Mr. Core shows unwavering patience with each and every student, especially our youngest students. His dedication is apparent to staff and students alike. His cool, calm nature is comforting to students; he reassures them and encourages them to do their best. He is constantly engaged [...]

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Pennies For Patients

Students in Hamden's In-District classroom are taking part in The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Pennies For Patients program at Dunbar Hill Elementary School. Students are collecting spare change while learning about service, leadership, and philanthropy. A campaign assistant at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society spoke to the students at a school-wide assembly on January 21st. She explained about blood cancer and how the money the students were raising would help cancer patients and their families, and that each student has the power to make a difference. On January 27th, the students had a chance to participate in Pajama day--we [...]

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Mr. Lasko’s Constant Encouragement

Mr. Lasko comes to work each day with enthusiasm, and students are excited to see him every day! Mr. Lasko is a dedicated, dependable member of the classroom team, and his consistency is appreciated by his colleagues and students alike. He has built strong, positive relationships with students through his patience and constant encouragement. Mr. Lasko leads our P.E. Elective and has made a positive impact each week, promoting and nurturing students’ athletic abilities, building confidence, and teaching students the importance of sportsmanship. Our students and staff are lucky to have him on our team. Students say, [...]

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Staff Spotlight-Ms. Jennie Serra

Jennie Serra, Special Education Teacher and Program Coordinator, joined the High Road School of Wallingford Campus team in 2017. Ms. Serra worked as a teacher assistant in the Primary/Middle school before taking over her own classroom in the High School. Most recently, Ms. Serra was excited to begin her new position as Program Coordinator for an in-district collaborative classroom and to have the unique opportunity to work in unison with the district to ensure each student’s success. Ms. Serra earned her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Fordham University, before realizing her passion for teaching while tutoring students during her senior [...]

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Learning About Johnny Appleseed

Students in the Hamden In-District classroom have had an exciting fall. After learning about folktales and fables, including Johnny Appleseed, the students took a trip to pick some apples themselves. This trip allowed students to make real-world connections and to practice their social skills out in the community. Visit our website to learn more about our program today

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