A Blank Canvas

The students' favorite end of the day fun activity was decorating T-SHIRTS (or earning ice cream and popsicles for a fun extra treat). Student were given a t-shirt and markers to decorate. Some students drew elaborate pictures using the whole area, and some students needed to finish for a second day as they were having too much fun! Here are some fun samples from one of Mrs. Rey’s class. From Los Angeles to a dedication of love to their mom, these t-shirts were a great way to express their creativity! [...]

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It Takes a Village

Special thanks to Mr. Cox and Mr. Thorpe who spent an afternoon tie-dying specially-made High Road masks for our district partners. Our thank you gifts for the beginning of this year included a mask, mints, hand sanitizer and a thank you note. Thank you to all of our school stakeholders. You are important to us. Please stay healthy and happy. Learn more about our school today.

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Congratulations to the Class of 2020!!

At High Road School of New London Middle/High we had the privilege of helping 4 seniors achieve their goal of graduation!! Due to COVID-19, we had to get creative this year, but it did not stop us from celebrating our seniors' accomplishments! Staff assembled at the school and had a parade that traveled to each students' home, complete with loud music and a megaphone. Staff decorated their cars and the school van. We are so proud of the accomplishments of our seniors and wanted to be sure they were recognized! Congratulations to you all, we can't wait to see what [...]

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Graduation 2020

Our staff surprised our graduating senior Briana a basket with a bunch of goodies and presented with her certificate of completion from our school for graduating! Staff decorated their cars, as did her family to do a drive by parade celebrating her accomplishment! Learn more about our school today.

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Charlotte’s Web Reading

Our Special Education Teacher Ms. Serra has been reading aloud Charlotte's Web to students through pre-recorded videos. Students have been listening and completing excellent work each week about the characters and other topics both with paper and pencil at home and on Google Classroom and Seesaw! Learn more about our school today.

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Ms. Dirzius’s Support During This Unsteady Time

Ms. Dirzius has been a constant emotional and educational support over the past month to both staff and students. She entered the remote learning environment with energy, enthusiasm and an immediate focus on problem solving. She has actively been involved in all levels of this new educational process: gathering materials, participating in synchronous learning events, assisting with technology issues, creating new documentation systems and mailing asynchronous packets. Our whole team has benefited from her expertise and support. She responds to their needs and questions without hesitation and never has a limit on her ideas and solutions. She tackles any [...]

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Deliveries to Students

Some of our staff went to all our student’s homes to drop off work, snacks and pick up completed work. They had such a great time seeing their students again! Parents and students enjoyed having face to face (six feet apart) rather than talking over the phone. Learn more about our school today.

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Hands on science is the best!

Who doesn’t love some science experiments?? In Ms. L’s class they are making edible slime with starbursts, and also digging for gemstones. You never know what kind of surprise you will get, but the students enjoyed using some of their strength to break apart rocks and find the beautiful Geodes waiting inside. As always safety comes first! Learn more about our school today.

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Read Across America

One day wasn't enough for Room 4--we celebrated National Read Across America day all week long! Each day we read a different Dr. Seuss book and participated in fun activities. On Monday students read One Fish, Two Fish and made a tasty treat with blue jell-o and red Swedish fish. Everyone wore green on Tuesday for Green Eggs & Ham and picked their favorite Dr. Seuss books! Thursday was full of stripes, silly hats and cats after we read The Cat in the Hat and made a fun craft. The week culminated with a field trip to the High Road [...]

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