Educators discuss the education needs of autistic students

LIMA, OH (WLIO) - Yesterday we heard about what makes people with autism unique, today we learn what it takes to help children with autism learn at school. Bethany Ulrick has more. Experts say the first window to recognize the signs of autism is the first three years of a child's life. If a child is taking longer than usual to meet developmental milestones, like crawling or speaking, it's recommended to get them tested. As they grow up, they may be lagging behind in more areas compared to their peers. "The three big deficits that you're going to see in autism [...]

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Experts provide insight into the autism spectrum as part of Autism Awareness Month

LIMA, OH (WLIO) - April is Autism Awareness Month. Our Bethany Ulrick spoke to experts at High Road School of Lima to learn more about what makes individuals with autism unique. Autism awareness has come a long way in the past decade, partly thanks to the inclusion of characters on the spectrum in TV and movies. But it's important to realize those portrayals don't apply to everyone, and individuals with autism can be anywhere from nonverbal to highly talented members of society. "People get that picture and then they overgeneralize and assume that that's what autism is when in reality we know [...]

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Lights on Lima

High Road School of Lima Staff participated in "Lights on Lima," a new downtown tradition of lighting up the Town Square Christmas Tree. Staff dished out Red & Green Cotton Candy and had a Christmas themed "Selfie Station."

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Trick or Treat 2022

Members of the community, area businesses and parents and family participated in passing out candy to High Road students. Everyone had a great time getting into the spirit of Halloween!

Trick or Treat 20222022-10-31T17:23:56-04:00

Open house held at High Road School of Lima

LIMA, OH (WLIO) - A new building is going to change more than just where students come to learn. High Road School of Lima welcomed the public to their new location at 71 Town Square in downtown Lima. They provide structured education to students with a variety of learning needs, such as autism, emotional disorders, and more. Previously, the school was divided into three separate school buildings, but this new space brings all of their students and staff under one roof. The new school has bigger classrooms, specialized rooms to support the needs of students, and opens the door for learning [...]

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Paige’s Commitment

Paige is the Assistant Teacher to Mrs. Jenkins in Elementary 2. Paige has worked at the Center for six years. She is flexible and understands and is committed to providing a warm and loving environment for her class. Paige is a hard worker and always comes to work with a positive attitude. Even if the day is less the ideal, Paige will always keep a smile on her face. The students in her class enjoy spending time with her and she always makes each and every one of them feel special. Paige is a wonderful Assistant Teacher, she does an [...]

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