Paige’s Commitment

Paige is the Assistant Teacher to Mrs. Jenkins in Elementary 2. Paige has worked at the Center for six years. She is flexible and understands and is committed to providing a warm and loving environment for her class. Paige is a hard worker and always comes to work with a positive attitude. Even if the day is less the ideal, Paige will always keep a smile on her face. The students in her class enjoy spending time with her and she always makes each and every one of them feel special. Paige is a wonderful Assistant Teacher, she does an [...]

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Richard Is A Delight

Richard has shown significant improvement over the current school year and especially the last month. Richard is always willing to help staff or peers if they need help. Richard has also improved learning when to ask for a break if he is feeling overwhelmed. He is now asking for a break or VTO independently whereas before a teacher or staff would suggest a break for him. Richard can now sit through a whole Science or Social Studies lesson, and be able to give feedback whereas he couldn’t do that before. Richard has improved so much on his behavior. Richard is [...]

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A Rare Warm Winter Day Leads To Fun In The Sun

A rare warm February day, with temperatures near 70 degrees led to a fun break outside. Pictured are students from Middle School 2 playing outside on the swings. Students enjoyed getting fresh air, swinging, playing football, and with hula hoops. It was an amazing break from being stuck inside with the winter blues! Learn more about our school today.

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High School Students Explore Creativity Through Art Gallery

High School 1 students and their teacher Mrs. Beidelschies created an Art Gallery outside their classroom. It's a place full of creative ideas and unique creations by the students. Pictured with their Art is Emily and Preston, both students in High School 1. Learn more about our school today.

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Muffins with Mom 2020

Today we celebrated mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and friends at our annual Muffins with Mom event. It was a morning filled with laughter and time well spent together. Muffins and milk were provided to our guest as they enjoyed breakfast at the school with our students. Learn more about our school today.

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Helping Brian Be The Best He Can Be

Last year, Brian struggled with following directions and being respectful to staff. He often needed frequent breaks away from class because he failed to participate or stay on task. He instigated arguments with other students and often initiated negative behaviors among peers and staff. It was very hard for him to open up and trust his teachers, but Brian had a goal. Brian wanted to achieve gold level at school and to do so required a complete change to his behaviors and full staff support. From the first day of the 2019-2020 school year, at [...]

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Jacki’s Dedication

Jackie Maidon is an assistant teacher in our Middle School 1 classroom. Jacki is dedicated to the students and illustrates compassion daily. She goes out of her way to create and implement fun and creative lessons and activities. Jacki demonstrates a willingness to pitch in where help is needed. She puts time and effort into building rapport with the students and it is evident by the approach the students have with her. Jackie was selected as student of the month because she has shown initiative by assisting in multiple classrooms when staff are out. Jackie also does well with helping [...]

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Dustin’s Amazing Progress

Dustin has shown amazing progress in the classroom in all areas. He displays excellent gold level behaviors throughout the entire school day. Dustin is a great leader in the classroom and very sociable towards his peers. Dustin gets along well with others and enjoys coming to school. From the teacher and the two aides in the classroom the words that best describe Dustin are respectful and kind. Dustin has a great attitude and shows great effort with attempting new tasks in the classroom even when they are challenging. Dustin is a people person as he is very kind to all [...]

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