Wyatt’s Goal For Himself

Wyatt had made it to gold this past month. He is always willing to help staff and students whenever it is needed. Wyatt is always on task when he is given work to do. "Wyatt has worked really hard in the classroom to be a positive influence on his peers. He has remained on blue consistently and continues to move up day by day. Wyatt has branched out and has been more social with his peers and has gained a personality. Wyatt is a joy to have in class and we look forward to his continued success and progress!" -Taylor [...]

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We’re Very Proud of Carter

Carter is now taking breaks without too many verbal prompts and is not been going to timeout. Carter is completing all his academic work without having any behaviors or complaining. At the beginning of the year, he hated going outside for recess, but now he loves it! "Carter has improved so much since the beginning of the year. Carter now asks other students if he can play with them before he did not want to play with anyone else. Carter is also doing much better using all his words when he is requesting items from teachers or other students. Carter [...]

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Draycen Finds His Voice

When we first met Draycen, he was only attending school for an hour a day. While in school, he would get upset, scream at the staff and peers, and was not motivated to do any school work. The result of this behavior had Draycen spending a majority of his time at school in some form of a timeout. To better meet his needs, we adjusted Draycen daily schedule. Utilizing a modified behavioral level system and a small classroom size with just 7 other students, staff hoped that individualized attention would be the key to Draycen [...]

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Student of the Month: Caleb

What has Caleb accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Mrs Megan says that Caleb has significantly changed his behaviors around this school year. Caleb participates daily in activities. Mrs Megan also said that Caleb now verbalizes his frustrations and requests to take breaks. Mrs Megan said that Caleb has shown improvements in every aspect since the beginning of the year. As well as being able to sit for his 25 minute rotations, 3 times a day. Miss Heather says how Caleb how improved drastically in his behavior management plan and has [...]

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Student of the Month: Kolten

Kolten C., 1st Grade What has Kolten done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Over the past month Kolten has achieved his alphabet and 25/25 of his sight words. Kolten has became very outgoing this year and loves helping his teacher! What are Kolten's teacher saying about his accomplishments over the past month? Kolten has really grown since last year and made a lot of progress. Kolten is very excited to be at school and always has a great attitude. What is something Kolten has accomplished so far this school year [...]

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