Jalen’s Engaging and Excelling

Jalen has done a fantastic job transitioning to online learning. He logs in for every Zoom class and completes all of his assigned work on time. He is doing very well in engaging and actively participating in the enrichment. Jalen has worked very hard to meet all of his goals. While in the building, Jalen was an active member of group discussions and often helped out his peers. Now that we're learning online, he does a great job of participating during zoom sessions, he has very high grades and is doing great! "Jalen is an enthusiastic learning and positive [...]

Jalen’s Engaging and Excelling2022-01-18T00:27:43-05:00

Mr. Shroyer Is Our Team Leader

Mr. Shroyer has done an excellent job in his new role as Team Leader and we are proud to name him Staff of the Month! He is constantly working diligently to educate himself in his areas of improvement while continuing to thrive in behavioral intervention with our students. Staff and students rely heavily on him throughout the day. Mr. Shroyer is always there to support anyone in our building even if it's not on his wing. Staff always feel supported by him and say he is doing a great job as a Team Leader. He has been working very [...]

Mr. Shroyer Is Our Team Leader2022-01-18T00:34:15-05:00

Marion’s Tremendous Improvement

Marion has improved, tremendously, behaviorally. Marion really struggled when he first enrolled at Capital and buckled down to get off of concern status. Marion is now working towards earning positive behavior awards and his spot on Student Government. Marion has completely done a 180. He is respectful, helpful, willing to take ownership of his behaviors and is doing well academically. He has done a great job turning his behavior around and is really bought into our program. (Mr. Hedash) Marion wrote an amazing essay, as part of his action plan, on ways to be successful and learn from your mistakes. [...]

Marion’s Tremendous Improvement2022-01-18T00:34:23-05:00

Aniyah’s Student Government Role

During the past month Aniyah has earned a seat in Capital Academy's student government. Aniyah achieved this through consistent positive behaviors and a willingness to help those around her. Mrs. Colatta, Support Services Coordinator, says," Aniyah has come a very long way since her enrollment here at Capital. She is a positive role model both in the classroom and out, often going about and beyond to help her classmates. Aniyah has demonstrated tremendous growth and continues to surprise staff daily." When asked what she is most proud of this year Aniyah responded, "I am proud of how I"ve [...]

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Student of the Month: Drakari

What has Drakari accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Since returning this school year Drakari has consistently demonstrated positive behaviors and growth. This month he has earned himself a place in Capital Academy’s Student Government. Drakari is a charismatic student who is always ready to crack a cheesy joke and make staff laugh. Known around the building for his big smile and personality, Drakari changes the atmosphere when he walks into a room. He is always willing to lend a hand and run a high school assemblies. What is something Drakari have [...]

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