Feeding Families for the Holidays with Local Businesses

Thanks to the generosity of our friends at Cives Steel Company, more than 2 dozen families will have family meals this holiday season. Cives donated pantry staples, holiday meal items, and even turkeys to our families in need. We cannot thank them enough for keeping our families in mind this season! Learn more about our school today.

Feeding Families for the Holidays with Local Businesses2021-12-28T12:46:59-05:00

Visit Lauren at the Coffee Cart!

Name: Lauren Grade/Age/Teacher: 12th gr/17 years old Accomplishment: Successfully managing Coffee Cart Lauren has really hit her stride in her final year at Sierra School of Peoria. This is her third consecutive year as the manager of the campus coffee cart, and she has truly made it her own. Lauren has been recruiting, interviewing, and training new hires; but her true passion is creating monthly specialty items for the menu. This past month, she modified store-bought brownies as a fun back-to-school treat and created a new slushy recipe through plenty of trial and error, which she [...]

Visit Lauren at the Coffee Cart!2021-12-28T12:43:16-05:00

Ms. Schneider: You Are Appreciated

We at Sierra School of Peoria are honored to celebrate Administrative Professions Day with Cheryl Schneider. She has been with our school family for 14 years and has served in variety of roles during her tenure. Her experience, dedication, and warm personality creates a welcoming environment for our students, families, staff, and district partners. Her organization, knowledge, and leadership skills are vital in keeping our program running smoothly! Thank you for all you do, Ms. Schneider, you are appreciated! Learn more about our school today.

Ms. Schneider: You Are Appreciated2021-04-28T18:23:46-04:00

4th Annual Egg Drop STEM Challenge at Sierra School of Peoria

Sierra School of Peoria celebrated the 4th Annual Egg Drop STEM Activity on Friday April 23, 2021! All classrooms K-12 participated in utilizing recycled materials to create an apparatus to keep the egg intact without any breakage. The students were extremely creative and displayed outstanding engineering skills. We had 26 entries, 21 of those entries were successful in keeping their egg whole! Those students who remained in Virtual Learning also participated; staff picked up their projects and they were able to view the event [...]

4th Annual Egg Drop STEM Challenge at Sierra School of Peoria2021-05-12T16:35:17-04:00

Chloe Is Resilient

Chloe has been doing a fantastic job with transitioning back into an in-person learning environment. She has shown great maturity in dealing with staffing changes in her classroom and displays a positive attitude toward her staff and peers. Chloe is a resilient young lady who has been working diligently this school year and has achieved gold level status. We are so proud of Chloe and the growth she has demonstrated this year. Way to go Chloe! Prize/incentive: Chloe requested lunch from one of her favorites, McDonalds! Learn more about our school today.

Chloe Is Resilient2021-07-31T11:57:37-04:00

Light It Up Blue For Autism Awareness Month

The month of April is dedicated to autism awareness. Sierra School of Peoria has been participating in and coordinating many activities for our students and families. We started off the month with a BBQ and provided custom made "light it up blue" masks for all the staff. Our high school transitions team, staff, and students who run the coffee cart created specialty drinks for the month, "light it up blue" foam for the latte drinks and a signature blue lemonade. Our SHINE high school students created handmade jewelry and [...]

Light It Up Blue For Autism Awareness Month2021-07-02T13:13:06-04:00

Anthony’s Incredible Efforts

Anthony has been selected for our March Student Spotlight for his incredible efforts. He is working on credit recovery with the goal to earn his high school diploma. Since joining Sierra School of Peoria, Anthony has earned credits in Algebra, Digital Arts, Physical Education and English. He has been focused on coming to school every day, having exemplary interactions with staff and his peers, and having fun playing basketball with his peers. He has challenged Mr. Kirk to a game of volleyball - his all-time favorite sport! Anthony has shown the dedication to achieve his goal and every day [...]

Anthony’s Incredible Efforts2021-03-25T13:15:21-04:00

De’Andre Is Resilient

De’Andre has experienced some struggles during the pandemic with virtual learning and being away from school. These struggles have had a big impact on him and he has faced many challenges. However, De’Andre is resilient. He continues to focus on the positive things in his life like basketball, coming to school every day with a smile and also letting us know when he is feeling overwhelmed so we can process with him. De’Andre is currently working on his coping skills such as jumping on a trampoline, eating a snack, drawing, or reading about animals. He also continues to excel [...]

De’Andre Is Resilient2021-02-19T20:19:26-05:00

Mr. Alston’s Unwavering Commitment

Mr. Alston has an unwavering passion and commitment for the kids and the staff. He always goes over and above the call of duty. He is a great listener, and he is well known for his work with those who have the biggest communication blocks. Learn more about our school today.

Mr. Alston’s Unwavering Commitment2021-02-11T15:29:19-05:00

Wyatt’s Successful Transitioning

Wyatt has been successfully transitioning back to his home school, Cactus High School. He is enrolled in two classes and doing a great job of meeting the expectations for both campuses. Wyatt, we are very proud of your accomplishments! Learn more about our school today.

Wyatt’s Successful Transitioning2021-01-29T20:14:33-05:00