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Shout out to Our Entire Staff!

As we moved our focus to distance learning, certain staff really stood out this month. Slowly but surely, other staff started to standout too. By the end of the month, it was clear that ALL staff were standing out and providing an extremely high quality service to all of our students and their families. Therefore, the entire staff at High Road School of Harford County is being recognized as The Staff of the Month for April! We have been so impressed with everyone's efforts during these difficult times, especially the attitude of doing what's right for the students day [...]

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Checking in with Loce Hill – Teacher, IAeC

Q1:  How are you doing during this time? A1:   I’m doing great, it does get a little boring sometimes, but I have been trying to stay productive as much as possible. Q2:  Would you rather work from home or be at school? Why? A2: I would rather be at school. I enjoy interacting with the students, I feel our students concentrate and learn better being that we are physically there, also I love my staff members as well. Q3:  What’s most rewarding about this job? A3:  The most rewarding part about this job is seeing the growth in our [...]

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April Students of the Month

The student efforts have been admirable to say the least. Several students are deserving of the title of student of the month, so we chose one from each class. Ms. Brooke's Class: Myles Bycoffe had perfect virtual attendance all month and was a pleasure in classes. He shared his thoughts and feelings in class and group discussion and even showed us his hidden talent as a puppeteer and story writer in the recent school wide talent show. Myles's smile lights up the Zoom room every day! Ms. Tori's Class: Kazia Evans has been on [...]

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Motivating Students Through Choice: Breaking Up the Day (Video)

The fourth video in our Motivating Students Through Choice series discusses three strategies to break up the day to increase motivation. Learn why it's important to provide breaks from task demands within your child's daily schedule. Visit our Family Recommendations & Resources page for additional resources. MOTIVATING STUDENTS THROUGH CHOICE PDF

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We Miss You!

Our staff misses you and put together this video to express how much we miss you! Learn more about our school today.

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Checking In with Ms. Hamilton

Mrs. Hamilton is a teacher’s assistant at Margaret Brent middle school with the High Road program. During the quarantine Mrs.Hamilton is doing okay, she is keeping herself busy by working and completing college work. Mrs.Hamilton likes working in her pajamas from home but she misses everyone and the laughs that were shared in the classroom. One thing that she enjoys the most about her job is the students because they make it more fun and rewarding at the same time.The most rewarding part of Mrs. Hamilton’s job is watching the students grow and start to become their own person. [...]

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Catching Up With Staff – Trevor Hayle, Leonardtown High School

Quarantine has been fairly boring, but has given me the opportunity to explore other hobbies. My roommates and I have been experimenting with making chicken fried rice, we’re finding that we like the taste better with brown rice over white rice. I have also regressed back to my high school days and play much more video games in the afternoons, as well as having more time to watch TV shows. I’ve been re-watching Lost with my roommates, and I have binge-watched a show called Waco. I’d much rather be working at the school. It feels off to wake up [...]

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Dr. Diane Myers Shares How to Support Students with IEPS During Distance Learning

Everyone Deserves to Learn interviewed Dr. Diane Myers, SESI SVP of Special Education - Behavior Management, about supporting students with IEPS during distance learning. Students with IEPs and their families are facing some of the greatest disruptions from the pandemic, and administrators can help with that by listening to the needs of students and families, potentially reallocating resources (e.g., for students with severe behavioral challenges, an administrator may approve a more robust incentive system to have available reinforcers for those students via a token economy adapted to remote learning), and making sure that teachers and students have the technology and [...]

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