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Happy Anniversary!

Jodi Marshall is celebrating 15 years with us! She has worked with every age group and loves to find a path for students to express their creativity. We so appreciate all of our dedicated and energetic staff who show up each day to support our students in achieving their goals! Learn more about our school today.

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Sierra Academy of San Diego Newsletter Vol 2

Our classroom newspaper came about when Ms. Martin assigned a weekly current event project. We thought this was a great project and asked if she would be interested in turning the project into a classroom newspaper. Ms. Martin takes students’ current events, types them up, finds photos, adds in the funnies section and then shares it with the class and our staff. We are so impressed by her talent and creativity! Newsletter linked here! Learn more about our school today.

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2020 Updates

As our students are getting more comfortable on their new campus and in their new classroom so we are quickly integrating. We began by scheduling weekly library time with the classroom next door. The students are excited to start weekly reading buddies between Ms. Simran and Ms. Samantha’s class. We have also integrated the service dogs to visit both classrooms on Thursdays, this gives our students extra incentives to work hard throughout the week. It is impressive to see how well our students and classrooms are interacting and we can’t wait to generalize that to the rest of Lawrence Elementary. [...]

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New Classroom at Lawrence Elementary

We are so extremely proud and excited to announce that we have opened a new classroom at Lawrence Elementary. Our open house last Thursday was a total success as we got the opportunity to meet our new students and their awesome families. It was great to show them all the hard work our staff has been putting in with decorating the room, gathering curriculum, and personalizing each student’s cubby. We were so thankful to be joined by both the principle from Lawrence and Smith Elementary. Their support through this transition has been incomparable and it has made the transition for [...]

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Happy New Year!

Welcome back and Happy New Year! Our staff and students enjoyed their much-earned break but are excited to get back and start the new year strong. With the news of another classroom, new staff was on-campus observing and training in preparation. Our current students made them feel welcome and right at home, they didn’t waste any time showing them the ropes and how things run. Staff from the Elementary school and High school came together to help set up the new classroom and are impatiently waiting to welcome the new staff and students. Our current students have also continued to [...]

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Fun in Chemistry!

On January 16, 2020, Ms. Mullings class completed a science experiment on observing a candle. Students were required to observe a candle flame and perform tests to interpret the observations and results of testing. Students made observations of where the flame appears to be on the candle. The procedure consisted of testing different colors of flames of each candle. Learn more about our school today.

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Mentorship Program

Sierra – Fremont, and Sierra – Kimball began their mentorship program! Our gold level Fremont students paid a visit to our Kimball kiddos to discuss their successes in the Sierra program and how they can be successful as well. Their goal is to motivate students to reach a gold level and begin to transition to mainstream classes. We look forward to our Gold level mentors to continue to come to visit our younger students to encourage them to be successful in the program both academically and behaviorally! Learn more about our school today. [...]

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Art Projects

Through late December and early January, the high school fine arts class undertook the task of creating sculptures using stacked cardboard. The class began this process by observing sculptures made by other artists to identify what types of sculptures are possible using stacked cardboard. Following this, the students started to imagine the type of sculpture they wanted to create and made some rough sketches so that they would know what shapes to cut their cardboard. They then traced patterns on the cardboard and cut it out (a tough job for the art room’s scissors) and assembled the sculptures using [...]

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