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Congratulations Alex!

Our High Road School of Windham County student of the month is Alexis. Since coming to our program this year, Alexis has maintained perfect attendance and a positive attitude. She quickly moved up the tiered level system and is currently on Blue Level. She comes to school daily with a smile and an eagerness to succeed. Alexis is a conscientious, polite student. She is always on task and continuously strives to do her best while always saying “please” and ‘thank you”. Mr. Gresh, a Teacher Assistant at HRS, is quoted as saying, “Alex is an enthusiastic learner and she has [...]

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Quaytin’s Achievements

Quaytin was selected for the student of the month due to his progress academically and socially over the past year. He has gone from having most of his academics delivered in a separate one-to-one setting, to attending rotations in his classroom setting with peers. He has also improved his behaviors dramatically and is now on blue level of our system- the second-highest level! He was even able to attend a Fun Friday trip to go roller skating for the first time- which he was very excited for! Mr. Berardesca, Operations Manager, praises Quaytin’s progress saying “Quaytin has shown tremendous growth [...]

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Mr. Panoe’s Positive Impact

Our staff of the month for January is Mr. Paone! Mr. Paone is the transition classroom teacher at the High Road School of Wallingford. He was selected for the staff of the month due to the positive impact he has had on the transition program over the past year. He has brought structure, routine, and positivity into the classroom. He encourages his students to make good choices that could turn their day around and teaches discussion-based lessons that tie into the real world. This allows students to give meaning to their learning and apply it to the post-graduate lives they will [...]

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High Road School Hosts First Spelling Bee!

This past week, students were hard at work studying for a spelling bee! This was only the first round of the bee. Students will have a new opportunity with new words each week. Mr. Reid, a teaching assistant, pioneered the idea of having a spelling bee to challenge students to have more confidence in their academic abilities and to learn new words. He made sure that even if students got words wrong during the bee; they still got applause and were still encouraged for trying and doing their best. The results of this round of the spelling bee are as follows; [...]

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Roller Skating Fun Friday Trip

Students at High Road School of Wallingford High School got the opportunity to go roller skating for a Fun Friday trip! Blue and gold students went to Middletown Skating Rink to test out their skating skills. They had a great showing off their expertise and helping each other learn. Students were complimented by the owner for their manners and kindness to one another. Some students were very hesitant to go skating as this was their first time, but they took their time and went slow. Staff on the trip helped them balance and get confident enough to skate laps around the [...]

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Latitude and Longitude Battleship

Students in Miss Brandi's classroom used their knowledge of longitude and latitude to compete in a classroom-wide game of battleship! Students have been working on longitude and latitude in geography over the past few weeks! The students had a great time! Learn more about our school today.

Latitude and Longitude Battleship2020-02-11T16:08:31+00:00

New Physical Education Teacher!

Kim McVean, “Ms. Kim”, joined the High Road team in January 2020 as a Physical Education Teacher at both the Cecil County campus in Elkton and the Harford County campus in Belcamp. Ms. Kim is excited about combining her experiences in Secondary Education, Special Education, Applied Behavior Analysis, the Performing Arts and Fitness, to create a well-rounded physical education program for our students. Ms. Kim believes in the importance of teaching students to work as a team and to take care of their minds as well as their bodies since the mind and the body collaborate to create a truly [...]

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Free Cycle

For our last event for the month of January and the 2nd quarter, our staff came together to give a little extra to our students. Mr. Chris and Ms. Brittany organized a “Free Cycle” to give our students the chance to shop through donated clothing, accessories, and home appliances. Each level was given a 20-minute time period to select five different items to make their own. By the time that all of our levels were done browsing we still had plenty of donations left over, which allowed the students the chance to go through our “shop” again. It was so rewarding [...]

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New Elementary Classroom Teacher

Brooke Raab is a teacher who holds a BA in Psychology with a minor in Educational Studies at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. She is currently pursuing a dual Master’s degree in Special Education and Elementary Education at Goucher college. She has had experience in the classroom for three years and is passionate about teaching. Brooke will teach in the elementary classroom here at the High Road School of Harford County. She is determined to find the motivation in every child to reach his or her full potential. Her goal is to establish positive working relationships with her students, parents, [...]

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