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Ms. Masten’s Great Attitude

Ms. Masten started with Sierra School in March 2019. Since her start, she has become a vital part of the team. She has the perfect combination of having a great sense of humor with the students but also holding them accountable. Students and staff admire and respect Ms. Masten because of her great qualities. Often times, students will do extra work, just so that they can spend their earned free time with her. Ms. Masten comes to work with a great attitude and makes Sierra a great environment for everyone. Learn more about our school today. [...]

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Congrats Ms. Dash

Ms. Dash recently joined us for the opening of our new classroom. With a background in behavior management ranging from small children to teens, she was the perfect fit for the new classroom. She has focused on building rapport with the new students to make them feel more at home in their new environment. Her ability to recognize antecedents and deescalate situations helps our students and classroom to run smoothly and efficiently. She emotionally supports each and every student and takes a personal stake in their success. We are all so excited to have Dash on our team! She comes [...]

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Mr. Enriquez Puts Students First

Mr. Enriquez is always willing to help any student in any classroom and is always there for students when they need extra help, whether it be from needing help with work or how to work through some difficult feelings. Mr. Enriquez has been a crucial part in helping us develop our transition program for our 18-21-year-old students. Mr. Enriquez is always praising our students and implementing fun incentives for our students. Mr. Enriquez was selected for multiple reasons. He is always there for our students. He has been able to help our students with academics and using a lot of [...]

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Ms. Yezi Is A Team Player

Ms. Yezi has been a very key player in the classroom and outside of the classroom. The students respect her and are always seeking her out for assistance with any subject. Staff members at our program have stated that Ms. Yezi is a team player, dependable and very knowledgeable in her role. Ms. Yezi has been an all-around go-to person and can be found bouncing from being a one to one, TA, and a Substitute Teacher if needed. She has a very strong background working with all types of students and has a great way of approaching students in every [...]

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Mr. Wolf’s Positive Energy

Mr. Wolf has built extremely positive relationships with his students and all staff since onboarding with High Road School of Wallingford Primary/Middle. He has taken the initiative to run end of the day meetings when the director is unavailable. He always empowers students to make good choices, earn their day, and motivates them academically. Mr. Wolf has a positive energy about him that goes a long way with his students and staff. “Mr. Wolf has made huge strides in his professional growth since he started with High Road School of Wallingford Primary/Middle. He is always ready for a new challenge, [...]

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Mr. Cox Is a Consistent Presence

Mr. Cox has remained a consistent presence for his 1:1 student even in times of turmoil. He has continued to utilize our schoolwide model consistently and with fidelity. Mr. Cox has shown empathy towards his student, and all students, but continues to hold them accountable for their behaviors. Mr. Cox is always willing to help students and staff within the classroom environment. He is extremely caring and always wants the best for the students within our building. He has done an amazing job with his individual student but continues to build relationships with all students and staff. Learn [...]

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Ms. Lucas, Favorite Teacher

Ms. Lucas has had an extreme impact on not only the school but her students as well. She has three students transitioning back to their home schools and has another two students that are on silver and gold level. Around the building, she is a jack of all trades. She covers classrooms, holds quiet room doors, executes lesson plans, and sits in on meetings with her teacher when developing IEP goals for students. Ms. Lucas was chosen for this month's staff member of the month by the director due to her dedication to the model of the school. She constantly [...]

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Ms. Barnes Is A Delight

Over the past month, Ms. Barnes has a school high of students on Blue Level with one of her students on Gold Level. Along with Mr. Singletary, (Instructional Assistant of the classroom) Ms. Barnes has students reading novels as a classroom as well as putting students through rigorous classwork that challenges their intellect as well as their grade level. Tough, gritty, funny, yet courteous, Ms. Barnes is a delight to have in the High Road Family. Ms. Barnes was selected for Staff Member of the Month by the director for her over the top dedication to educating our students as [...]

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Tasha’s Hardwork

Tasha has been working so hard at our new IDC in Woodbridge Middle School! The staff has noticed her seamless implementation of our behavior modification system and unique rotation system. She is always working hard to help the students improve both academically and behaviorally! Tasha is a great leader in the classroom and is the first staff to help others! She has a positive and outgoing personality that radiates in the building. "Tasha has been a great addition to the High Road team. She has a passion for education and helping children that have shown great results within the in-district [...]

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Ms. Cordova Steps Up

Ms. Cordova is such a helpful staff member, she is always willing to lend a hand and take lead without hesitation. The students are receptive to her instruction and she builds a good rapport with each of them even those not in her classroom. Ms. Cordova was selected because she was able to take lead when the classroom teacher took a short leave of absence. She facilitated and executed the learning material, she showed up early to prepare for the students; she gave her all. When she wasn't directly working with her classroom students' she was supporting other classrooms and [...]

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