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Meet Lou Guertin

Lou Guertin – High Road & IDC Program Director In 2004, I first started my career as a Teacher in Wilmington, Delaware. Once the original school in Cecil was built, I taught here for 3 years. During this time, our school grew from 30 students to 67 students, and we needed to split the schools to accommodate for space. From here, I went to build out our new site in Perryville, MD in 2007. After becoming the head teacher from 2007 - 2010 at Perryville, I was then promoted to take on the Associate Director position in Baltimore City. While [...]

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Meet Bubbles the Fish

The BEST Model Classroom adopted a new class pet this month for the beginning of the new school year. The classroom pet will help with many aspects of the BEST Model classroom such as life skill classes, behavior management, and calm down strategies. The students in the BEST Model classroom will spend the next few weeks learning about the specifics for taking care of their new Beta fish, Bubbles. Students are responsible for feeding the beta, cleaning its tank, creating a cleaning schedule, and participate in budgeting finances for maintenance materials. The BEST Model classroom obtained their new friend with [...]

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Thanksgiving Bag Pick Up

To show our appreciation for our families, we have Thanksgiving dinner bags to give away! Complete with a turkey, sides, and dessert, as well as some Thanksgiving-themed activities, we want to thank our parents for all they do! Learn more about our school today.

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Honoring Our Veterans

On November 11th, our students came to school dressed in red, white and blue to honor our Veterans and learn about the history of Veterans Day. Earlier in the week, students created American flags with a silhouette of a soldier to display in our hallway. In the morning, students attended Dunbar Hill's Virtual Veterans Day Ceremony and recognized service families from the Dunbar Hill Community, including U.S. Veteran Mr. Morgan, our very own student Logan's grandpa! Students wrote heartfelt letters of gratitude thanking many military members for their service, to friends, family and soldiers currently on military bases. Finally, students took [...]

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Semaj’s Hard Work

Semaj is a hard-working student who joined our class this Fall. Although he has been participating virtually, he has fully embraced our classroom community. Semaj arrives to class early every morning with a kind greeting and friendly conversation for his teachers and classmates. He ensures he is prepared for his class work and always puts forth his best effort. He is eager to participate in class, encourage classmates and acts as an example for others to follow. Learn more about our school today.

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Mrs. Lisa Passion for Teaching

Mrs. Lisa is one of our teaching assistants with the Cecil Alternative Program. She has taught social studies for the last year with a rambunctious group of middle and high school students. Mrs. Lisa is passionate about teaching social studies as it is her favorite subject. Recently, Mrs. Lisa decided to go back to school to finish her bachelor’s degree in history so she can further grow with SESI. Lisa has been an invaluable asset to the CAP team this school year, as she has taken on additional responsibilities in the classroom, as well as around the school. [...]

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Welcome, Mr. Malcolm!

Mr. Malcolm is a new addition to our High Road family this year. He has done an excellent job taking on his new role as a teacher. So far, there has not been one task too daunting for Mr. Malcolm. Additionally, Mr. Malcolm is energetic and has a positive energy that is infectious for all students and staff that work with him. Mr. Malcolm takes the time to get to know his students on a deeper level, so he is able to relate to them, reach them in meaningful ways, and inspire their success. Mr. Malcolm is an admirable example [...]

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Evan is a Model Student

Evan is new to High Road School this year and he has done an amazing job adjusting to our program and school culture. Evan completes all of his assignments and never misses a Zoom class. Evan actively participates in Zoom sessions with class discussions and answering questions. Evan is a true representation of a model High Road student. Learn more about our school today.

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We’re Proud of Cylis

Mr. Dusan has said that Cylis is off to a great start this school year! He is completing all of his assignments, attending all of his classes, and turning in his work in a timely manner. Cylis’ favorite classes are art, science, and math. Additionally, Cylis enjoys participating in class discussions, especially when it is about a topic he has an interest in. Cylis loves earning CASE cash and all of the cool prizes that are in the Showcase! Learn more about our school today.

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Starting the Year Strong With Nicolai

Nicolai has started the school year off strong! He is regularly attending classes on Zoom and completing all of his assignments. Mr. Malcolm expressed that Nicolai was an invaluable asset to their classroom. Mr. Malcolm said that Nicolai completes his assignments with thoughtfulness and in a timely manner. Nicolai engages frequently in classroom discussions and is always willing to assist struggling students with their work. After completing a government lesson, Nicolai created a class constitution for room 103 to ensure “shared governance” among the class. Mr. Malcolm expressed that Nicolai’s humor brings immense joy to the classroom. Learn [...]

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