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Melissa’s Dedication

Melissa has a huge impact on the whole school. She is available, and ready for all staff and students whenever they need her. She helps students work through their problems by providing a consistent and loving environment. Melissa was selected because of her dedication and pride she takes in her position. "Melissa is a great support to the staff and students. She accepts every challenge with a positive attitude." - Jenelle Droke Learn more about our school today.

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Mrs. Bautista Is A Great Leader

Mrs. Bautista has been Acting Program Director for the last few months, but usually she is our almighty high school teacher. Mrs. Bautista has been such a great leader for all of the staff and students while our original director was on leave. Although stepping in as a director could be overwhelming, Carla stood up and took on the job with confidence. She led our whole team and our students gracefully. Even when Carla is not acting as director, she is a wonderful teacher and colleague. If any staff ever needs help organizing or planning for their classroom, Carla is [...]

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We Are Incredibly Proud of Norris

Norris has worked hard to reach his goal of graduation this semester by making great choices in the classroom. His teacher Ms.Gray says, “He’s grown in understanding how to use his coping skills and has also become more social.” Norris has been an example to the rest of our elementary students through his enthusiastic commitment to graduating from Sierra School at Barrett. Norris has made an impression on our Sierra School at Barrett team. Ms.Gray says, “Norris is very independent. He’s a talented artist. And he has a huge imagination.” Our principal Ms.Harris says, “Norris is very intelligent and has [...]

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Ahmari Puts A Smile On Our Face

Ahmari is always willing to help and is kind to those around him. Ahmari is one of the students that always greets staff in the morning and ends up putting a smile on their faces. His teaching assistant, Ms. Dove, speaks highly of Ahmari's newfound determination and dedication to focusing on being the best student and peer he can be. Ahmari has worked hard this month to improve not only his focus in the classroom behaviorally, but has also been determined to work diligently on his academics. Learn more about our school today.

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Tiffani Is Invaluable

Tiffani was chosen as staff of the month, for her willingness to help everyone on campus, her great attitude no matter what the day brings, and her incredible flexibility. She has been an asset to the team. She has built a wonderful rapport with the students in the classroom, she is an assistant for Mark Williams. Tiffani is always willing to help, and we have had her support multiple classrooms, sometimes in the same day! She always has a smile on her face, which rubs off on the staff and students. “Tiffani is invaluable with her knowledge and her [...]

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Holanie Is Always Caring And Compassionate

Our character trait for November & December is KINDNESS. Our student of the month who shows nothing but kindness to those around her, is Holanie F. She is always wanting to help, whether it is in her high school classroom, or with anyone that can use a little help. Holanie is always caring and compassionate. She is kind to other students, the staff and any visitors that may come through Sierra Academy. She not only works hard, but she has a great attitude every day “I am proud of myself because sometimes it’s hard for me to read, but [...]

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Hezekiah Always Has A Smile On His Face

When at school, Hezekiah has participated in academic lessons by volunteering to assist the teacher with writing on the board and has been a great example to his peers of positive behavior and redirection. Hezekiah always has a smile on his face and has lately been exceptionally helpful with assisting staff and peers. He encourages his classmates to try harder, and works by example. He is most proud of a recent self portrait project as well as his improved attendance. Learn more about our school today.

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Mr. Damian Goes Above And Beyond

Daily smiles and positivity make Damian a great asset to the team. His creativity and passion carry over into is the day to day interactions with the students. Mr. Damian goes above and beyond for our students. As an assistant in our elementary program, he brings smiles to everyone. Mr. Damian created a choir club last year that has performed at different school events and throughout different theater performances. The students are excited to work with Mr. Damian and we are so lucky to have him on our staff! Damian has brought new program components to Sierra Academy, we are [...]

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Helping Josiah Access His Academics

Josiah has only been with us for a month and has already had so much growth and improvement! When he first came safety and schoolwork were the two biggest concerns. His elopement behavior has drastically decreased in comparison to the last school and the beginning of the month. This has allowed him to access his academics and he is working hard to meet his current goals and exceed our expectations. Josiah is a quick learner and is always so helpful and willing to share with his new friends. He has had the opportunity to reflect on his behaviors in our [...]

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Ms. Charity Is An Extraordinary Leader

Ms.Charity is a great role model for staff and students and is great in a crisis. She paves the way for others to be calm and collected when problem solving. Ms. Charity creates a structured atmosphere while still fostering creativity. Ms. Charity is an extraordinary leader who holds every student accountable and ensures they reach their highest potential. She is a source of protocol and procedure when in doubt and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Ms.Charity is always there for students and staff, no problem is too big or too small! She is a token on fairness, [...]

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