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When Mary enrolled her daughter, Summer, at BEST Academy in 2017, she hoped for a supportive environment where Summer could thrive. Today, nearly seven years later, Mary reflects on how BEST Academy has exceeded her expectations, providing her daughter with the tools to grow academically and socially.

From her very first visit to the school, Mary said she recognized BEST Academy was the right choice. “Immediately I could tell it was the school for us,” she said. “One of the staff members, Melissa, spent four hours with Summer, making her feel comfortable and understood. I knew then that this was the perfect place for her.”

Finding the Right Fit

Before attending BEST Academy, Summer, who has autism and other medical issues, struggled behaviorally and found it tough dealing with other students and maintaining personal space. Mary knew Summer needed a structured and nurturing environment to help her manage these challenges. At BEST Academy, the family found exactly that.

“They have a way with children, making them feel safe, loved and capable,” said Mary.
According to her mom, the progress Summer, now 19 years old, has made since enrolling at BEST Academy is remarkable and that it is very unlikely for Summer to have a bad day. Mary also said that in addition to improvements in Summer’s behavior, she has progressed with academics and social skills.

“She’s grown in so many ways. She can read, add numbers, and have a two-sided conversation,” Mary said proudly. “Her behavior is awesome and she’s no longer lashing out. She can write, tell me about books she’s read, and even enjoys math. She’s gotten so good at spelling,” Mary said.

Unwavering Support and Preparation for the Future

The faculty and staff at BEST Academy have supported Mary and Summer throughout their time as part of the school community. “They have provided every tool possible to turn Summer’s non-abilities into abilities,” said Mary. “I feel she is safe there, which is a huge thing for me. She doesn’t go anywhere without me except for BEST Academy.”

Looking towards the future, Mary is confident that BEST Academy has prepared Summer well for the next steps in her life. “They have taught her life skills, which to me are more important than academics,” she explains. “This includes making friends. Before BEST, Summer was lonely and now with the help of school staff, she’s learned how to make real friends. Summer is happy, outgoing, and friendly—like a social butterfly. BEST Academy has helped her become the best version of herself.”

To other parents considering BEST Academy, Mary offers this advice: “Don’t hesitate. It could be the best thing that ever happened to your child. Go, go, go. BEST Academy is my first and only recommendation.”

Located in Wallingford, the BEST Academy features amenities specific to treating our particular student eligibilities, including a sensory room, motor lab, an ADL-dedicated classroom, and specially designed learning spaces. Special educators at the school address the three core deficits of language disorders: communication skills, behavior skills, and social skills. For the school’s autistic and non-autistic populations, BEST Academy designs and implements individualized programs to meet the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral needs of each child.