Staff of the Month: Elanda

Staff of the month: Elanda Shelton Elanda is our first teacher to receive students at our school and she has worked hard to take on this challenge as a first year teacher! Elanda is dedicated to improving her skills in the classroom and every day she amazes me with continued growth and progress! Learn more about our school today.

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Excel Middle Years Academy Helps Students get into High School of Their Dreams

Excel Middle Years Academy is an accelerated school of choice for middle school students who find themselves in need of a smaller school setting. Located at 4300 Westminster Avenue, Excel’s mission is to create a safe environment for students to succeed inside and outside the classroom by fostering positive relationships within the school setting while learning to be responsible and accountable. “As soon as we do orientation with a student and a family member, the first thing we ask them is, what high school do you wish to attend? What is the high school of your dreams?,” said executive director [...]

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Embedding Social-Emotional Learning into Behavioral Support Systems

 By Dr. Diane Myers, SVP, Special Education—Behavior at SESI While the Covid-19 pandemic is not known for producing many silver linings (if any), it has highlighted the need for increased attention to the social, emotional, and behavioral well-being of our students. The pandemic has caused significant educational disruption, limited social contacts, and increased fear and anxiety around everyday activities. For those students who needed additional social, emotional, and behavioral supports prior to the pandemic, the impact has been felt even more acutely. With collective concern building around the state of our students’ mental health, [...]

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Supporting Classroom Behavior Part 3 (Differentiation)

Social behaviors, like academics, require intentional teaching and feedback for students to build fluency and achieve mastery. It is important to have a comprehensive, proactive system to support students’ behavior in the classroom. Without clear expectations, people feel confused, anxious, or unsure how to proceed, all of which can lead to challenging behaviors. When educators – whether in special education, alternative education, or general education – are clear and consistent with behavioral expectations, it increases the chances that students will meet them. SESI hosted a webinar on Supporting Classroom Behavior – Part 3 (Differentiation). The second in a three-part series, [...]

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Interactive Hallways

We are open and excited to welcome in students to Sierra San Joaquin! We are ready for student to be successful at our school both academically and behaviorally. One of the exciting elements of our school is our interactive hallways that allow staff and students to connect, and problem solve right outside the classroom! Learn more about our school today.

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