Halloween Costumes and Fun!

It has been a fun day watching staff and students dress up for Halloween and be part of festivities like we all once enjoyed pre-COVID days. For the month of October, Sierra School of Livermore heavily focused on helping students manage their behaviors as it seemed like most students continued to struggle with being back in class. Luckily, the month of October gives staff a lot of opportunities to be creative. From mummy wrapping, cookie decorations, scary stories, jeopardy games, and pizza parties, students really started showing more engagement! [...]

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Halloween Event

Here are pictures from our annual Halloween Event here at High Road School of Delaware. The week before Halloween we have a spooky spirit week to get the student's ready for a fun Halloween event the party planning committee puts together. The students have fun activities that day like pumpkin painting, worm eating contest, candy eating station, and much more!

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Visit Lauren at the Coffee Cart!

Name: Lauren Grade/Age/Teacher: 12th gr/17 years old Accomplishment: Successfully managing Coffee Cart Lauren has really hit her stride in her final year at Sierra School of Peoria. This is her third consecutive year as the manager of the campus coffee cart, and she has truly made it her own. Lauren has been recruiting, interviewing, and training new hires; but her true passion is creating monthly specialty items for the menu. This past month, she modified store-bought brownies as a fun back-to-school treat and created a new slushy recipe through plenty of trial and error, which she [...]

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Visiting a Pumpkin Patch!

Four of our classrooms went to the pumpkin patch and picked out their own pumpkins, went in a corn maze, and climbed a hay pyramid. They all worked hard to stay together and had a great time! Learn more about our school today.

Visiting a Pumpkin Patch!2021-12-07T15:26:31-05:00

Supporting Classroom Behavior Part 1 (Foundations)

Social behaviors, like academics, require intentional teaching and feedback for students to build fluency and achieve mastery. It is important to have a comprehensive, proactive system to support students’ behavior in the classroom. Without clear expectations, people feel confused, anxious, or unsure how to proceed, all of which can lead to challenging behaviors. When educators – whether in special education, alternative education, or general education – are clear and consistent with behavioral expectations, it increases the chances that students will meet them. SESI hosted a webinar on Supporting Classroom Behavior – Part 1 (Foundations). The first in a three-part series, [...]

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Union City Student of the Month: Oscar

Oscar is the Student of the Month for October. Oscar is a 12th grade student who is becoming the exemplary student for his peers in the program. Throughout the day you will find Oscar supporting his staff and peers or deeply engaged in his assignments in the classrooms. When Oscar gets a moment of free time he is always seen participating with the younger students  -  enjoying games or talking about the latest sports news. Oscar is on track to becoming the first student to reach student government if he remains consistent with supporting his staff and peers, while [...]

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Roswell Student of the Month: Kamya

Kamya is a kind, compassionate, and a hardworking student. She is always willing to help her peers or teachers when they need assistance. Not only does she help out others, but she isn’t afraid to actively participate in assembly and provide positive feedback. Kamya always brings a positive attitude with her each day and is able to accept constructive criticism. Learn more about our school today.

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Student of the Month: Joshua

Joshua is an excellent example of Falcon Pride! He is hard working, kind, and has a positive attitude. He goes above and beyond without being prompted. Joshua has a very strong work ethic and takes initiative to help others as needed. Joshua is attentive in class and contributes to class discussions. PEAK Academy is lucky to have students like Joshua to help make our school a better place. Keep up the great work! Learn more about our school today.

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