This year we’re excited to introduce our new Think Pads. Our High Road School at Fairfield County high school students were the first to get use of them. Our students use the think pads for their science and social studies units. It is a great way to switch up their academic binders. It gives the students an opportunity to incorporate technology into their school life. Students use different academic programs while utilizing the Think Pads like APEX, iReady, HMH, and HRW Learning.

Our students are learning how to navigate these new Think Pads and get a feel for typing, searching, and navigating through different websites. Miss. Lindsey, the school director, says, “Incorporating technology into students academics throughout the day is crucial. Using the Think Pads provides more interactive learning by using the touchscreen the Think Pads offer.”

We are extremely happy to see this new initiative being implemented for our students!

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