This month we have focused on engaging our students in meaningful ways, and reconnecting on and offline.

Our director, Jenny Bisha, spearheaded a gift bag project for all of our students. The gift bag includes notebooks, pencils, treats, fun books, and a book that will be included for a novel study all wrapped up in a nylon backpack. Teachers and social workers worked together this week to drop them off, and to see the students in person.

Our school has also started “Wellness Wednesdays.” Every Wednesday, some staff come into the school and socially distance in the gym or cafeteria. They open a Google Meet, and students are able to log on and participate in a school-wide group activity. This week was a Zumba class! Students were able to see teachers bust a move, and work out with them. There was a great turn out of students and staff.

Next week’s theme is Fear Factor. Students will direct teachers to partake in a gross and/or creepy activity and laugh at their reactions. Hopefully we’ll get some reaction shots for the next newsletter!

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