While we entered into virtual school for two weeks, Even though it was a new and sometimes tough experience for staff and students, we got through the two weeks as a team and ended it with a World Kindness Day activity. Our school’s education director, Miss. Lindsey led several activities during this week. The students loved the idea of this, and everyone took part! We started our Zoom dressed in fun bright colors and were able to talk about kindness. Ms. Lindsey read a book called “Kindness is My Superpower” to all who signed on. At the end of the book, everyone was able to say one kind thing that they have done or could possibly do while being at home. After all the students and staff went around and said their kind activity, we ended the sessions by dancing to Alicia Key’s “Under Dog.” One of our students, Adrianna said “she could help someone if they fell.” She says, “it helps people feel happy being kind, we can’t have a whole world full of disrespect and unkind people.” Always remember to be kind to one another!

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