Thank you, Mr. Gresh!

It is easy to see why Mr. Gresh is our staff of the month. Every year High Road School invites families, students and staff to a Thanksgiving Feast. This year due to COVID-19 restrictions, the feast was enjoyed only by students and staff since visitors were not allowed. Baskets filled with goodies from Mr. Gresh’s life skills class were made and sent home for the families this year. The goodies included breads, cookies and even homemade cranberry sauce.

On November 24, 2020, a grand feast was made possible with the cooking skills of our own Mr. Gresh, a teacher assistant. The food was ordered from Sweet Peas, a local bakery, but Mr. Gresh spent hours heating and preparing the food to perfection. He never hesitated when asked if he could manage the task. Mr. Gresh just spoke with his calm, kind voice simply stating, “We got this.” Students and staff enjoyed turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, candied carrots, string beans and the student favorite, cranberry sauce. Dinner was followed by an unbelievably scrumptious chocolate cream and pumpkin pie. Delicious!

In addition to preparing special Thanksgiving meals, Mr. Gresh is the daily chef at our school. Mr. Gresh plans, shops for and cooks Breakfast and Lunch daily for our students. A special thank you to Mr. Gresh for keeping our school well fed!

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