To celebrate World Kindness Day, our Hamden students shared ways to be kind and sprinkled kindness everywhere, in school and at home. All week, each classroom participated in a kindness challenge! Teachers passed out kindness challenge cards at the start of the week with different random acts of kindness on each card. Students turned them in as they completed challenges. For homework, students worked to fill in their Kindness Challenge bingo cards with as many random acts of kindness as possible. Students held doors open for others, let others go in front of them in line, asked others how they were feeling and told jokes to others who looked sad. Students’ favorite project of the week was our collaborative 3-way poster! Students worked to color individual pages of the poster before putting it together and displaying it in the hallway on November 13th to inspire others. On World Kindness Day, members of the school community who visited our hallway were able to read our message, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” Ms. Searles class listened to the picture storybook We’re All Wonders and spent World Kindness Day being kind to themselves and writing what makes each and every one of them “wonders.”

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