Proud to announce our student of the month Marquita. She’s been such a joy to have at our school. She’s in our high school class and this month Marquita has made a lot of progress. She has entered the school year with high spirits thus far and has been doing amazing. She demonstrates good communication and great problem –solving all month. She’s always in school and doesn’t let anything break her spirits. One thing both old and new staff has seen is she greets all staff with a nice smile, even staff she may not know. She has been on blue for a few weeks now and definitely demonstrates blue behavior.

“I choose Marquita because she has shown growth in the classroom and with her behavior.”

“Marquita has stayed on blue throughout everything. There has been a lot of changes and she stays constant.”

One thing she’s most happy about would be how she’s been opening up to people. She enjoys the fact that she’s been kind to staff regardless of if they’re a familiar face or not.

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