We were anxiously waiting for our reopening and we are happy to be back! While using our new Covid-19 precautions we still made it a great first day! Entering the school, students and staff were greeted by our Director, Ms. Lindsey.   Everyone entering school had to have their face mask on as well as get their temperature taken, but this didn’t stop us from smiling and being happy to be back.  Each day check-in looks the same for both staff and students as far as Covid-19 goes. We’re looking out for our students as well as staff in ensuring that we have a safe and clean learning environment.

Starting back we had some familiar faces but also some new ones as well.  Ms. Colleen is one of our new staff members, is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University. She brings great skills to our classroom including competence and a positive aspect. She is our new elementary teacher and has brought much light and joy into that class. She puts her heart into her class as well as her work. The first thing staff and students noticed was how she decorated the whole class including her door. Elementary classroom pet was brought over from her as well, Ms. Squirmle. We’re happy to have her on our team.

New this year due to COVID we do have a virtual section to our school. Ms. Garvey is our new virtual teacher for all students that are not attending in-person education. She got her education at The University of Hartford and is furthering her education at Grand Canyon University for her master’s degree. She’s always willing to lend a helping hand when needed and puts a lot of effort into her classroom. She brings a great attitude to our team despite the toughness of being behind the screen. We’re lucky to have her a part of our team.


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