November Golden Teacher of The Month

Mrs. Allyson was nominated by the directors of the High Road School of Cecil County as the “Golden Teacher” of the month. Since the start of the school year, Mrs. Allyson has collaborated with the marketing team to keep the school website updated with new and fun pieces such as the student of the month, the staff of the month, and other fun events that occur within the school building. In addition to the marketing team, Mrs. Allyson works hard to collaborate with all of the staff in the school so that all of their hard work and their student’s hard [...]

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November Staff of the Month

Ms. Britney has stepped up as a leader within her classroom this year. She brings enthusiasm and support to both her teaching team and students every day. Recently, Ms. Britney arose for the challenge of ensuring her classroom ran smoothly and efficiently while Mr. Malcolm was out of the building. She shows great passion whenever she teaches science and works with students to ensure they understand the material. Ms. Britney is surely an asset to room 103 at High Roads. Learn more about our school today.

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Student of the Month – Bradley P.

Bradley has done a great job turning around his behavior and academics from the start of the school year. Bradley now regularly attends all of his classes via Zoom and is always happy to participate. Bradley was one of the first students to go back to in-person learning and he did so with a seamless transition. Bradley has impressed his teachers with his adaptability and flexibility with every transition our class has encountered. Bradley frequently encourages his peers and loves to be a role model for other students. Learn more about our school today. [...]

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The “Perfect Fit” for Mr. Tyler

Mr. Tyler is a new addition to the High Road team; however, it feels like he has been a part of the team for quite some time. From his very first day at High Roads, Mr. Tyler adapted to our school culture, academics, behavior management, and our students. Mr. Tyler has already proved his passion and dedication to his students by creating interactive lessons where he will sometimes even dress up in character for the lesson! Mr. Tyler has fallen in love with our school culture and students and one day hopes to have a classroom of his own at [...]

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Putting The Students First

Michael Cunha - TeacherMichael Cunha has been a teacher at the High Road School of Cecil County since 2015. Prior to joining the High Road team, Mr. Mike worked in banking, as well as in the restaurant industry. He earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Hofstra University and has since completed graduate work in special education at Wilmington University while earning a Maryland teaching certificate. Mr. Mike prioritizes the individual growth of each student, working with families to bring about meaningful growth with a constant eye toward improvement. He is a firm believer that a positive attitude and willingness to [...]

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Ron’s Hard Work & Dedication

Ron has been doing an excellent job with distance learning. He is engaged, participates in class discussions regularly, completes his work in a timely manner, and always attends his Zoom classes! Ron recently participated in the Virtual Art Exhibit where he showcased his favorite piece of artwork for the entire school. Ms. Morgan is super proud of all of Ron’s hard work and dedication to turning around his grades from the beginning of the school year! Learn more about our school today.

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Ms. Morgan is Stepping Out of Her Comfort Zone

Ms. Morgan is stepping out of her comfort zone and trying new things. She is always on time with her documentation and she has been offering to support in any way she can. Morgan has done amazing with all of the transitions that have occurred this year, going back and forth between in-person learning and virtual learning has never phased her. Morgan will be stepping into a new role soon as the Transition Coordinator for High Roads and we are sure that she will continue to do amazing things! Morgan is a team player and is starting to grow as a [...]

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Thank You Cory

Cory has done an amazing job developing a positive rapport with all of the kids in the elementary room this year, virtually and in-person. Cory has been flexible, adaptable, and has taken on every challenge this school year with a positive attitude. Cory is an incredible asset to the elementary classroom. Mrs. Allyson and her students are very appreciative of Cory's hard work and dedication to their classroom. Learn more about our school today.

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Adjusting To Change With Drew

Drew has done amazing at coming back to the building and makes sure to wear his mask, sanitize, and use his breaks to wash his hands at the sink. Drew has adjusted to many changes in the new school year and has been doing amazing! Learn more about our school today.

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Thanksgiving Food Donations For Students & Parents

The Zeta Nu Nu Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated donated 75 Food Boxes to the Families of the students of PATH Academy on November 17, 2020. Parents came to the school to receive the food items donated. Thank you so much to everyone involved, our families greatly appreciated the generosity. Learn more about PATH Academy today!

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