We have started our school year still in a pandemic that has changed the way we do everything. From grocery shopping armed with Lysol Wipes and 6 foot distancing to the way we prepare for school at night, (Matching our face masks to our outfit for the next day.)

What this pandemic has not changed is our drive and dedication to give our students the highest quality education possible under extremely difficult circumstances. There were no set of instructions for the first day of school this year, but so far we are doing this thing! All of our students, teachers, and social workers are rolling with the changes as they come. Our students can still thrive during COVID. Our 3rd grader Harley is fully engaged with his general education classes online. He is pushing through the confusion of not seeing his friends, wondering where his classmates are for Fun Friday, and asking why all the kids aren’t back in school. Yet, here he sits every day, focused, ready to learn, mask on, and following staff direction. We are so very proud of you Harley!

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