Staff at High Road School of Wallingford High School are excited to welcome in a new school year! Although this year is unique, with both a hybrid and virtual model for learners, staff are eager to start the year and learn new ways to engage students. Here are some things staff are MOST excited about!

Mr. Valderrama: meeting our new virtual students and helping them using Zoom and Google Classroom.

Ms. Betlej: working with everyone to make this year amazing for our hybrid and virtual learners!

Ms. Lieberman: being able to see my students and other staff again- I really missed them!

Mr. Paone: Building rapport with our new team members and students!

Ms. Rock: To see and build positive relationships with the students of High Road!

Mr. Berardesca: To have our students back with us so that we can pick right back up where we left off in March!

Students are also very excited to start the school year and shared some goals and what they were excited for this year.

Jason: I’m most excited to make new friends!

Sarkee: I’m excited to be back in school!

Dakota: I’m excited to be in transition with my friends!

James N.: I’m most excited to learn new subjects and my goal is to improve on all subjects!

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