Many schools at this time have taken a hybrid model approach for the current school year during these trying times. We have given families a choice to participate in a virtual option or a hybrid option. The hybrid option has students in the building Monday through Thursday, with Fridays being a virtual day. However, we have made Thursday a very fun and rewarding day for our students who have great attendance, participate in their academics and display positive behaviors. Each day that students earn their daily points, they earn a bingo card with the possibility of a free space with extra great behavior. On Thursdays, we play school-wide bingo. We have even had guest Bingo callers for the students. Students are in their classrooms as we call out bingo numbers. Students have had so much fun playing bingo and has been a great motivator for them. Students can earn money for the school store, also known as the “CASE Cash Cave” or they can order a special lunch or breakfast.

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