Despite what students are feeling, they all take their job responsibilities seriously, because they understand that their classroom functions best when they complete their jobs well. When taught and used effectively, classroom jobs may help students build a sense of responsibility, community, and independence. Students are able to show they are responsible in a meaningful way because they know completing their jobs helps their classmates and teachers. Each classroom job assigned has an important purpose, it is never busy work. All students are given the opportunity to apply for a classroom job and are provided with accommodations so that they can keep their jobs. Once a month, or as needed, the teacher and paraprofessional hold meetings where students share their ideas, viewpoints, and positive or negative experiences. These meetings lead the teachers to change job guidelines and duties. Over time, these meetings with students foster a deeper sense of mutual responsibility. Whenever needed, teachers and staff may relieve students from their classroom jobs as an appropriate consequence. Teachers and staff can allow students to try completing their classroom jobs as required the next day. Lastly, classroom jobs are a great way of reinforcing student success. Students are encouraged when teachers acknowledge their dedication to help in their classrooms. Currently, in our classrooms we have created the following jobs:

  • Classroom Assistant
  • Maintenance
  • Peer Mentors

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