On Wednesday, June 3 professional adversity speaker and published author of Live with Honor, Turning Tragedy into Triumph, Michael Panus joined students from High Road Schools of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island via Zoom.

The retired marine inspired High Road students by speaking about the tragedies in his life most notably, spending nearly four years in jail for causing the death of a good friend while drinking and driving as senior at Eastern Connecticut State University, and the power of positive thinking.

Offering motivation, he encouraged students to be accountable for their actions, and to do the right thing. Panus spoke about the importance of about making good choices, overcoming adversity, living with respect, gratitude, and humility.

“All the choices we make have an effect and those choices can be positive or negative,” he told students.

Waking up every day and being the best person possible is how Panus lives his life now. He strives to help others understand that they too can live a positive life that inspires those around them.

Panus encouraged the students to make good choices and reminded them that life is about respect and being kind to others who are different.

“We are all not perfect, we are all going to make mistakes. But it is up to us to pick ourselves up and be the best you. Life is pretty awesome, so cherish every second.”

He ended asking the students to repeat out loud three powerful statements:

I will never drink and drive

I will never let my friend’s drink and drive

I will never forget this story

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