The student efforts have been admirable to say the least. Several students are deserving of the title of student of the month, so we chose one from each class in April 2021.

Ms. Brooke’s Class: Myles Bycoffe had perfect virtual attendance all month and was a pleasure in classes. He shared his thoughts and feelings in class and group discussion and even showed us his hidden talent as a puppeteer and story writer in the recent school wide talent show. Myles’s smile lights up the Zoom room every day!

Ms. Tori’s Class: Kazia Evans has been on fire this month! She has attended nearly every single class and turned in all of her Google Classroom assignments. Her attitude has been positive throughout
and she has been a leader in the Zoom classroom.

Mr. Joe’s Class: Ethan Greene has been solid like a rock this month. He has been attending classes regularly and diving head first into his lessons. Showing a great interest in all the things he has been learning, Ethan has shared his knowledge in his Zoom classes by leading the charge in participation and discussion.

Mr. Andrew’s Class: Matthew Garcia has demonstrated a perfect balance of dedication and sense of humor this month. Always a quick wit and one to share a joke, Matthew has kept Zoom classes light and his teachers on their toes but always knows when it’s time to shut off the humor and turn on the discussion. Matthew has been tearing it up on Google Classroom and i-Ready also.

Ms. Karley’s Class: Ryan Anthony may be in his last quarter as a high school student, but you would not be able to tell by the way he has thrown himself into distance learning! Some seniors across the nation suffer from senioritis, but not Ryan. He had perfect attendance and is even jumping on some Zoom sessions for classes he could do independently or wasn’t required to attend, just to see his teachers and classmates! Ryan has demonstrated the level of maturity, dedication and self awareness that we hope to see from all of our high school students.

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