Mrs. Hamilton is a teacher’s assistant at Margaret Brent middle school with the High Road program. During the quarantine Mrs.Hamilton is doing okay, she is keeping herself busy by working and completing college work. Mrs.Hamilton likes working in her pajamas from home but she misses everyone and the laughs that were shared in the classroom. One thing that she enjoys the most about her job is the students because they make it more fun and rewarding at the same time.The most rewarding part of Mrs. Hamilton’s job is watching the students grow and start to become their own person. A new hobby that she has been partaking in while at home is working out, she says it has been a struggle but she is making progress.

A recipe that she would like to share with everyone that is healthy is spaghetti squash and meatballs. She chose to share that exact recipe because she said “it tastes great!”

During her extra time she has been watching home improvement tv shows or action shows like Luke Cage on netflix.

One thing that Mrs.Hamilton has learned about herself during this time is how much she is not used to having down time. She said, “I am so used to go, go, go that without being able to go anywhere or have plans I don’t know what to do with myself.” When the quarantine is lifted she is going to see how things are going before she begins going to a lot of places. She will definitely go see her grandmother and hit the dance floor because she misses dancing!

A plan that Mrs.Hamilton has started during this long break is her apartment. She is working very hard on it, it’s finally finished getting built and has electricity, all that is left for her to do is furnish and decorate it.

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