What A Crazy Time by Ashley Myers

Who would have expected that the day before spring break would have been our last day in our classrooms with our kiddos? Who would have imagined that we wouldn’t get to say goodbye? No graduation, no end of school party, everything that I had planned for the last quarter of the school year was out the doors. I am continuously thinking about my kiddos and hoping they are doing good. These thoughts consistently went through my head when I heard Arizona schools are closed until the end of the school year. I already miss my kids.

I miss their, “Good Morning!” as they come running to greet not only myself but all staff. I miss their smiles, their joy, and their compassion for one another. I was scared, but now I no longer am. I am able to see their smiles, I am able to greet them every day, I am able to make sure they are okay and still learning. I can do this because Sierra Academy has provided a way for their teachers to still teach the students. I am grateful that I can say, “See you tomorrow!” every day of the week. I am amazed at how well my students have been able to cope with the changes that have been thrown their way. I am also blessed to have parents and school staff who are beyond supportive during this crazy time.

I am teaching my kiddos independently Monday through Thursday via zoom. Being able to teach them in a one to one setting allows me to modify each lesson as needed, as well as accommodate for their schedules at home. On Fridays, we do two activities as a whole class. Our first activity takes place in the morning. We start with show and tell for half an hour, then finish the hour with a scavenger hunt! The second activity takes place in the afternoon and we go on virtual field trips! Some of the virtual field trips we have visited are NASA Space Shuttles, the San Diego Zoo, and the Atlanta Aquarium. By having these two activities the kiddos receive interaction with peers which allows them to use their social skills. The communication during these times is incredible as they talk about their show and tell items, discuss what they found on the scavenger hunt, and learn together as they ask questions about our virtual field trips.

I am proud of my students for the hard work they have put in. I am proud of Sierra Academy for helping us teachers find a way to still engage with our students. Lastly, I am proud of how well everyone has come together to find the best solutions for moving forward. This is definitely a crazy time in life.

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