Across the country, millions of students and teachers have jumped aboard a mysterious train ride into the unknown of teaching from home. Highroad punched its ticket unafraid and is enjoying the ride! Students have been steadily working on iReady reading and math activities, goal work, and interacting with our awesome social worker, Ms. Ileana. Ms. Jill, our dedicated main teacher mentions more in detail, “So far we have been using Google classroom, iReady (Reading & Math), IXL, and Zoom video calls.  We have been checking in with students 2X a week.  Some students use technology to access lessons and others use printed materials that are provided.  Students have been engaged in learning and are excited for their Zoom virtual lessons.  We use frequent reminders to use their coping skills at home just like they do in school.” Coping skills are essential for students especially during their onboard adventure of online learning. Taking deep breaths, thankful charts, counting to ten, and coloring are all strategies that our students, and teachers can utilize even when they’re on this train ride of discovering learning, or teaching, from home.

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