The staff at WCGA are proud to announce our first two Students of the Week honors during our Distance Learning, Josaira Ardover-Poindexter and Quyver Handy!

Josaira is a Sixth-Grade student who arrived to WCGA in February and has taken full advantage of the program since her arrival. Since, the inception of our Distance Learning Plan Josaira has attended more than 90% of her classes and demonstrates an acute knowledge of the enrichment material being presented.

Quyver is a Ninth-Grade student who began attending WCGA in late February. Quyver has also attended more than 90% of his online instruction and has been praised by our Instructional Staff for his work ethic and determination to be promoted into the Tenth Grade.

On behalf of the entire William C. Goodridge Staff we congratulate these students on their academic performances!

See official memo here.

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