Sierra Academy had a school-wide science fair on Wednesday March 11th. Each classroom spent the month of February learning about the scientific method and agreeing on a project to complete as a class to present to the rest of the school. Each classroom worked hard and created poster boards and designated a student representative from each class to explain their projects to the other students and staff. The projects included: learning about and building a volcano, completing a taste sensitivity test, fast food tests with preservatives, concentration levels of Hydrogen Peroxide for Elephant Toothpaste, finding out frequency and popularity of M&M colors, research of different planets, as well as which popcorn brand pops the best.

The science fair ended with Mr. Dillon’s class erupting their volcano for the school and Mr. Brooks’ class demonstrating the creation of Elephant Toothpaste. Thank you to all the students and staff for your participation and a special shout out to Ms. Barela for organizing this event!

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