In the fall of 2019, the high school was able to procure a few new rooms for student use. We chose to follow the model of some of the other High Roads in our area and transformed an empty space into what we are calling ‘The Exhilaration Station’.

With the help of Mr. Rizzo, Connecticut High Roads Jack of all Trades, Operations Manager Ms. Russo and Director Mrs. McDonald, the vision came to life. A bright green color was added to the walls, making the room energetic and positive and the floors were scrubbed clean.

Pull up bars were added to the walls for chin ups and a crash pad was brought in along with weighted balls. A set of battle ropes were attached to the wall to expend energy.

Within moments of its creation, the room was in use! It is a favorite spot for students that want to burn off some extra energy. Soon there became a silent rivalry posted on the board with the stats of students proud of their number of sit ups, chin ups and how long they could endure exercising the battle ropes.

For our students who need those all-important positive physical breaks, the new Exhilaration Station is an overwhelming success!

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