In Ms. Ashley’s class, majority of the regular red chairs are no longer in the classroom. Instead, we have flexible seating! The school has worked hard to provide the best learning environment for our classroom and the kids are loving it! In our classroom, we currently have 5 yoga balls which provide active students a way to receive sensory input while still being able to participate during the lessons. We have 4 wiggle chairs that assist students with keeping their whole body engaged to balance while doing work. Lastly, the few red chairs that we have left have fidget bands around the legs to help students remain on task while keeping their feet busy.

The students time on task has increased since receiving the flexible seating and there has been a decrease in physical aggression. Also, students are starting to communicate and are more willing to share with the new seating. If there are no wiggle chairs left to sit on, a student will ask a peer to switch and usually the peer is willing to move.

It is heartwarming to see the interactions and the compassion between the students and it is all because the flexible seating! So, not only has the flexible seating provided students with sensory input, whole body engagement, and fidgets, but also communication and sharing are taking place!

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