Mr. Enriquez is always willing to help any student in any classroom and is always there for students when they need extra help, whether it be from needing help with work or how to work through some difficult feelings. Mr. Enriquez has been a crucial part in helping us develop our transition program for our 18-21-year-old students. Mr. Enriquez is always praising our students and implementing fun incentives for our students.

Mr. Enriquez was selected for multiple reasons. He is always there for our students. He has been able to help our students with academics and using a lot of out of the box thinking. He is always there when anyone needs him.

“Mr. Enriquez has been with us for three years. Throughout his time here he has always put the students first. He is always willing to support students and staff. Mr. Enriquez is an amazing team player and we are very thankful for him.” – Miss. Lindsey, Education Director

“Mr. Enriquez has a great attitude and has built strong relationships with all of our students at High Road School.” – Ms. Bellemare, School Social Worker”

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