Over the summer we moved some things around and made some adjustments which created three new (voluntary time-out) VTO rooms. We have the galaxy room which kids use as a “chill zone” and a place to lay down or relax in a bean bag chair, it also offers body socks which some kids use as “cocoons” to help calm their bodies down. We have the movement room which is a place to get out all your energy out and “workout.” We have a trampoline, yoga balls, mini workouts, weights and jump ropes. Some kids just have endless energy they don’t know what to do with, so they can choose to get it out constructively with this room. Our last room we call the coloring room because of the giant music coloring sheet on the wall. This room also offers multiple sensory fidgets, play dough and legos as a place to just take a break from work and play for 5 minutes. All of the kids have the opportunity to choose which room they feel they need for their VTO, and we have noticed an increase in successfully and appropriately utilizing their VTOs.

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