Over the course of the last semester, High Road students and staff undertook the challenge of deciding on a school mascot. We worked together to identify the characteristics of High Road students (resilient, kind, loyal, protective) and mascots that would align with those traits. Through several rounds of voting, the llama was chosen as our school mascot!

Next up, students were invited to enter a design competition to create the image of our school mascot. Students and staff participated in a gallery walk and again went through several rounds of voting to choose the perfect design. Friendly, approachable, and strong, this not so little guy was the popular choice by a landslide.

Last but not least, with the characteristics and image of our school mascot decided, it was time to choose a name. Dahli-Llama, Llamanator, Floof, Como Se Llama, and Comma Llama were among the top contenders. With the help of some community and absentee voters, Lenny the Llama was officially introduced as the High Road School of Wright City mascot! School spirit has never been higher.

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