The month of February saw many activities that were started last semester come to fruition. Jazzmine finished her dragon painted she had been working on for the last four months. Jazzmine took great pride in the painting because it is something that will be part of the school for years to come, bringing good luck.
Last semester the High School One students studied Earth Science learning how the Earth’s water, land, and air affects how the planet became home for generations of animals. The students also learned the Earth is one of nine planets in the solar system. Earth Science was a topic that the students chose to do their science projects for the school science fair in February. Allen experimented with water, cooking oil, and food dye to demonstrate how the densities of liquids are affected when mixed together. Allen called the project a lava lamp because the colored cooking oils looks like lave when mixed with water. Johnny chose to grow crystals for his project. He dissolved Monoammonium Phosphate, a chemical that is used in fire extinguishers, in boiling water to create a concentrated solution. He then placed starter crystals into the solution and waited five days. As the water cools and evaporates the atoms of the Monoammonium Phosphate run into each other and join together to form a crystal. These projects allow the students to see how when what the Earth provides for us is mixed how they react when brought together.

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